Home Inspection Problems

About nine percent of inspectors cited older and damaged roofs as the most-common home inspection problem. (Photo: Shutterstock)

BOULDER – A professional home inspection will reveal a lot about your future home. Besides learning about the mechanical operations of your home the inspection will reveal any obvious defects. A recent national survey of home inspectors revealed what are the eight top home inspection problems.

1) Improper surface grading and drainage. This was by far the most frequently found problem. This is something that can be easily identified but can be costly to rectify.

2) Improper or undersized electrical wiring. Many inspectors, about 20 percent, found this to be the most common home inspection problem. Areas that should have GFCI receptacles and do not.

3) Older and damaged roofs. About nine percent of inspectors cited this as the most-common home inspection problem. While a roof may look fine from the ground, a thorough inspection may reveal potential problems.

4) Deficient and older heating systems. Problems include broken or malfunctioning controls, blocked chimneys, unsafe exhaust flues and cracked heat exchangers.

5) Poor Overall Maintenance including cracked, peeling or dirty painted surfaces, crumbling masonry, make-shift wiring or plumbing.

6) Damage to structural components such as foundation walls, floor joists, rafters or window and door headers.

7) Plumbing defects including the existence of old or incompatible piping materials, faulty fixtures and waste lines and improperly strapped hot water heaters. In some older homes lead piping can also be a problem.

8) Exterior items such as doors and wall surfaces, inadequate caulking and/or poor weather stripping. Single pane windows without storm windows.

Be sure your inspector has thoroughly covered these areas in their report. It is recommended you have a list of questions for the inspector.

By Rick Jacquemard, Flatirons Home Inspections. For more information on home inspections contact Rick Jacquemard, at 720.280.3544, e-mail [email protected] or visit flatironshi.com.