There are not a lot of home inspections happening during the stay at home period of the COVID-19 pandemic. In lieu of more information about home inspections I thought suggestions for some DIY home projects would be appropriate. Everything seems to be getting cleaned these days, and rightly so. Beyond disinfecting all your high-touch surfaces, consider tackling some of the tasks you avoid doing. Of course, now is not the time to head to the stores for nonessential items. The following list is just a few of the ways you can upgrade your space with things you probably already have at home.

Clean your vents and baseboards
Heating and vent covers accumulate dust over time and cleaning them can help reduce allergens in your home and increase the efficiency of your air conditioning or heating system. Vacuum the vents with a dust brush attachment or wipe with a dry microfiber cloth. Avoid using water or other cleaning products as they may just smear the dust.

Clean under your bed
Vacuuming the house and cleaning toilets are typically on the weekly cleaning list. When was the last time you cleaned underneath your bed? Move the bed, empty out any storage boxes you might have underneath, and vacuum the dust. You might be surprised at some of the things you’ll find like missing reading glasses or phone chargers.

Straighten up/clean your entryway
Whether you have a large foyer or a tiny coat stand, things accumulate in our daily life. Reevaluate your hooks: Are they helpful, hanging at the right height, do you need more or fewer of them? Vacuum or shake out any door mats you have, then purge any knick-knacks or unused items laying around.

Even the most organized among us can have cluttered closets. Take advantage of this time to de-clutter. Begin by taking everything out of the closet, purging what’s no longer used, and cleaning the interior. If it’s a clothes closet, sort your clothes by category, hang delicate items and stack thicker things like jeans. Put your most-used items at the front, while seasonal or rarely used pieces can go up higher or in the back. If you can’t remember the last time you wore something, maybe it’s time to get rid of it.

Clean your bathroom drawers
This is another task we put off when we don’t have the time. Bathroom drawers take a lot of daily abuse. Empty the drawers and then clean/disinfect the inside. (You will likely find hair, spilled makeup, toothpaste, etc.) Once the insides are clean, toss the junk and reorganize what’s left.

Label your supplies
Labels can go a long way in creating a more organized household. Use storage bins or containers in your kitchen pantry, under the bed, or in a linen closet. A label maker works great if you have it, but you can also write on regular paper and tape the labels on.

Clean your small appliances
Most likely you clean out the refrigerator and wipe down the stove on a regular basis. Small appliances are often neglected. Hand-wash all the removable parts of your coffee maker and run a few brewing cycles with distilled water. Empty out your toaster oven or toaster trap door and then shake the appliance over the sink to remove loose crumbs. Clean your microwave inside and out, being sure to remove the turntable and clean underneath it.

I am sure you can come up with many more tasks to add to the list. Ask yourself, can I do them safely and are they necessary. Please keep yourself, family and friends safe and healthy during these challenging times.

By Rick Jacquemard, Flatirons Home Inspections. For more information contact Rick Jacquemard, at 720.280.3544, e-mail [email protected] or visit