BOULDER – As a buyer you should not expect a home to be delivered like it is new construction unless it is. If you are under the false impression that a home inspection is for creating a long punch list that will be remedied by the seller you are mistaken. Most sellers realize that a home inspection is not the buyer’s opportunity to change the contract terms.

Sometimes buyers will ask for repairs of items that were clearly visible before an offer has been made. Buyers should not ask for repairs of items that were noticed before the writing of a contract. If they feel something needs to be addressed monetarily they should do it in the offer upfront. An example: The seller to fix or replace it after a home inspection. This negotiation should have place during contract negotiations.

If you are the seller and negotiating home inspection items, it is best to push for a closing cost credit or a price reduction whenever possible. There can be much stress and uncertainty involved in doing the repair work. It is best to avoid that if possible. Buyers are likely to be extremely picky about the quality of the work and may ask for even more work if they are unhappy. In most states the seller is not obligated to repair a home before selling it, as long as they are upfront and honest through the course of the sale.

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