BOULDER – Home inspections are limited, non-invasive, examinations of the condition of a home. The sale of a home is often contingent on a home inspection. Typically home inspections are conducted by a home inspector who has the training and certifications to perform such inspections. The inspector prepares and delivers to the client a written report of findings. The client then uses the knowledge gained in the report to make informed decisions about their pending real estate purchase. The report describes the condition of the home at the time of inspection but does not guarantee the future condition, efficiency, or life expectancy of systems or components.

Home inspections are sometimes confused with a real estate appraisal. An inspection determines the condition of a structure and all its components including but not limited to plumbing, electrical, roofing, doors/windows and siding. An appraisal determines the value of a property. While not all states or municipalities regulate home inspectors, there are professional associations for home inspectors that provide education, training, and networking opportunities.

A professional home inspection is an examination of the current condition of a house. It is not a building inspection; building inspection is a term often used for building code compliance inspections in the United States.

Your Realtor can provide you with contact information for reputable home inspectors.

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