A Driver’s Story

When those stock cars blow past you at Colorado National Speedway, you feel it in your chest, your head, even your teeth. It’s an insane rush and one that more and more racing fans in Northern Colorado are falling for with a diehard passion.

The drivers, of course, make it worth watching. Brett Yackey of Greeley drives #32 in the super late model division. “I first of all love the thrill of competition and the adrenaline rush of going fast side by side with the best race car drivers in the state,” he says.

Brett started racing stock cars in 2013 at age 13 at the dirt track in Fort Morgan (I-76 Speedway). Following the winter of 2013-14, he moved to the asphalt at Colorado National Speedway in the pure stock division and recently moved up classifications to the super late model division (completely fabricated frame with a fiberglass body, similar to the Nascar cars you see on TV). “Besides the on-track portion of racing, I love the friendships and camaraderie that we build from people that share the same interests. I just enjoy working on the cars and having the opportunity to build a car with such great purpose.”

Yackey sees the impact racing has on northern Colorado, not just as entertainment but as a community resource. “I believe that stock car racing and the people involved have a great impact on our community. A large group of fellow racers use their platform and race cars as a way to give back to the community. This generally consists of social media exposure as well as showing the car at local nonprofit events to help draw a crowd and gain interest in the organization.”

Wade Keith, brand manager of Yackey’s sponsor, Breeze Thru Car Wash, credits the driver for tireless work with worthy local organizations. ”Brett participates in many fundraising events for local nonprofits and that is very appealing to us as we do the same. Last year, our fundraising efforts contributed to over $78,000 that went back to our communities. However, by sponsoring Brett, we can do more. He’s a very humble person and truly cares about more than just racing.  He cares about the communities that he serves.”

Yackey primarily races at Colorado National Speedway in Dacono, which he considers the best local race track.

“I encourage everyone to come check out a few races this season, starting the last Saturday in April until the second Saturday in October. I also would like to shout out and give thanks to my sponsors, *Breeze Thru Car Wash, Local Hive Honey, Inta Juice, Star precision Manufacturing, JW Skidloader, GAM Engines, VDISEC and TDR Concepts.”

Breeze Thru is a local car wash company in Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming. It is sometimes confused for a national car wash chain, but the folks at Breeze Thru are your neighbors! – breezethrucarwash.com.