Melissa Miller-Kluck

BOULDER – Melissa Miller-Kluck started investing in real estate in 2004. During college, she bought a house and rented out rooms to other students, then remodeled the home and sold it for a profit. She continues to purchase properties that need work so she can renovate them to rent and sell.

This hands-on experience jumpstarted Melissa’s interest in earning her real estate license and she became a Realtor® in the spring of 2014. With her strong understanding of the housing market and systematic knowledge and exceptional acumen in real estate investing and wealth-building, she has helped numerous clients. Melissa has experience working with a wide range of real estate needs and with clients across Boulder Valley and from Denver to the mountain towns.

For Melissa, every client is special and important. She values proactive communication, and her exceptional listening skills and openness provide clients with personalized focus and support. Melissa’s passion for real estate shines, and she’s happy to offer her guidance and insights to educate anyone with questions who might be interested in learning more and exploring their options.

Outside of work, she enjoys hiking with her dogs, camping, photography, playing roller derby, and spending time with family and friends.

Melissa can be contacted at 720.388.0457, [email protected], or visit