David Schlichter, Compass Denver

A member of the Board of Directors for the Denver Metro Association of Realtors, David Schlichter runs one of the most successful real estate teams in the region.

Give us a brief background on you. How long have you lived in Colorado? How did you get into real estate?
I moved to Colorado in 2008 after leading a group of high school kids on a bicycle trip across the country. We passed through Colorado along the way, and I fell in love with it and knew I was going to make it my home. When I first moved to Denver, I served as a third grade teacher in the Denver Public Schools with Teach For America. After that, I did an internship at the White House under President Obama working on business issues, and then returned to Denver and spent a year working for an education reform non-profit. I earned my real estate license at the beginning of 2012, dove into it full time, and never looked back!

What are some luxury home real estate trends that you expect to see?
In the coming months, I’m predicting record-breaking movement across all price points in the market. The trend of downsizing is starting to reverse as people need more space to do their core activities, and the Colorado luxury market is poised to benefit in a big way from these shifts.

What is your favorite spring activity in Colorado?
My favorite springtime activity is rock climbing. There are thousands of world-class, established rock climbing routes within an hour of Denver and Boulder, and I love the thrill of taking on challenges and pushing myself to the edge of my physical ability. The mental toughness and problem solving skills of rock climbing translate well into working my way through difficult real estate transactions.

David Schlichter, Compass Denver, [email protected], 720.440.2340, schlichterteam.com