Sonders Fort Collins

Sonders Fort Collins (Photos courtesy: Sonders Fort Collins, Bridgewater Homes)

Sonders Fort Collins offers the ultimate low-maintenance lifestyle

Sonders Fort Collins

Sonders Fort Collins (Photos courtesy: Sonders Fort Collins, Bridgewater Homes)

Sonders Fort Collins is a place for active people – an intentionally broad category. From eager retirees with a wealth of passion projects and social motivation to a person who may never retire but simply wants a low-maintenance lifestyle that allows them to pursue their favorite activities, the community is designed for active agers with no age limit – anyone at any age who wants more time for the meaningful things and less of the humdrum.

The community’s name comes from the word sonder, which refers to the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. At Sonders Fort Collins, your neighbors are each living their best life, and the community is designed to support that on an individual and group level.

How Sonders Fort Collins Creates the Ultimate Low-Maintenance Lifestyle

A home at Sonders is more than just walls and a roof – it’s an experience that allows you to live as good as healthy feels.

Sonders does it all, from the simple supports like trash and recycling collection to the more demanding elements of landscape maintenance, including weekly mowing, spring aeration and fertilization, and watering and irrigation. When you wake up to a white blanket of snow in the winter at Sonders, you can cozy up with a cup of coffee rather than strapping on your snow boots to go shovel. The chores are taken care of, so you and your loved ones can get out and experience, engage, and create meaning together.

Amenities That Add Richness to Your Sonders Lifestyle

A list of remarkable community amenities are under construction, providing something for every resident. The campus-style Sonders Learning Center includes a main structure, resort-style pool, outdoor kitchen and lounge area and three studios dedicated to the body, arts, and ideas.

Natural amenities abound at Sonders: the community boasts acres of open space, miles of soft and hard surface trails, and easy access to regional trails, as well as a collection of unique, nature-immersive parks. At Serene Park, a naturally preserved area for access near Richards Lake, residents can listen to the rhythm of the water and even experience the water actively via non-motorized boats including canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards. Flourish Park doubles as a neighborhood gardening center, offering an opportunity for residents to ground and grow with individual garden plots, orchard areas, and four fragrance and sensory garden experiences. As we look forward to spring, the many natural spaces at Sonders will be rich with leafy green trees and pops of floral color.

Smart Luxury: Sustainable Homes That Support Your Health

Bridgewater, a local, EnergyStar builder, now has three model homes open. Bridgewater is selling expansive, luxury homes in six ranch-style floor plans at Sonders, featuring large outdoor areas, beautiful finishes and plenty of space for entertaining. Each plan includes a three-car garage, with options to expand to a five-car garage. Starting in the mid $600s. Come tour the model homes to experience a luxury lifestyle at Sonders with all of your senses.

Thrive Home Builders is bringing three completely new collections of healthy homes to Sonders Fort Collins. Their award-winning green building program meets the highest standards of LEED®, Indoor airPLUS, Zero Energy Ready Homes and Energy Star®. Thrive was also recognized as 2020’s EPA Indoor airPLUS Leader Award Winner. Thrive also offers an all-electric option for buyers through their carbon-neutral building approach, Thrive Carbon-Wise.

A model home in Thrive’s Harmony Courtyard Collection is now open for tours. This collection features modern, thoughtfully-designed single-level homes with large porches and spacious, comfortable interiors.

With these new homes, Sonders residents will benefit from superior air quality and the comfort of knowing their home is taking good care of them and the planet. Look for more information on these incredible living spaces in the coming months.

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By Emma Castleberry, AH Luxury. Photos courtesy: Sonders Fort Collins, Bridgewater Homes