6 Intriguing Trends to Consider

hether you’re looking for a complete chef’s kitchen or a modern touch with a splash of color, the experts at Hixon Interiors and Budget Home Supply have insights into the top trends and amenities to transform your kitchen into one of your dreams. Throw all your expectations out the door. The kitchens of the future are more function, informal, and, fun than ever before.

1. Integrated Design
Kitchens continue to be the focal point of a home, as everyone tends to congregate where the action is happening. So why not make this central space more livable? Now cabinets look more like a hand-crafted piece of furniture. Archways are coming back, bringing a warm and inviting vibe. Islands are no longer rectangular, but fashioned in all shapes, bringing fluidity to the movement of kitchen traffic. This integrated space brings a feeling of “restaurant quality” and luxury while at home.

2. One-Level Islands
Today’s lifestyles are much less formal and much more hectic than in the past. So the kitchen island is becoming a place for not only cooking and seating, but also for the home office and school work. With a one-level spread-out space — the bigger, the better — you get function and flexibility with a streamlined look. This island style adds safety and comfort for whatever life stage
you’re in.

3. Inside Cabinet Organization
Modern-minded customers are requesting clean, simple lines with less countertop clutter. Luckily, manufacturers are meeting the demand. Now there’s a hidden cabinet for everything: waste- and recycling-specific spaces, pot-and-pan organizers, K-cup holders, utensil and spice storage, and so much more. And for those small kitchens, you can even make use of a toekick space for a vacuum or extra drawers.

4. Bold Tile
Tile backsplashes and floors with bold, bright colors and lots of patterns and textures have become more popular. Who couldn’t use a cheery, conversation starter in the social space we call the kitchen? Designers are getting creative with different shapes, including hexagon, arabesque and fan. Chevron and herringbone patterns are also trending and work well around windows and on walls behind open shelving. Classic subway tile is still popular, too, but in a larger format these days. 

5. Color is King
Appliances are now a functional piece of art and can be customized to any color. A pop of color in the kitchen often evokes a positive memory or can serve as a source for inspiration in trying something new. Incorporating a blend of various metals, and the textures and colors that come with them, is also a trend in kitchens. No longer do homes need to stick with one finish like stainless steel or brushed brass. The hottest hardware trend is mixing metals. Even a beautiful heirloom, with different finish than the fixtures around it, works well and adds character. There are no rules when it comes to metals these days!

6. Intelligent Appliances
Technology’s influence continues to grow in every area of our home. One example is “preference recognition.” In the kitchen, preference recognition means stoves and microwaves can store recipes and assist with perfecting a favorite recipe through stored cook times and temperature control. Better yet, these intelligent appliances don’t have to sacrifice style for AI. Never before has it been so easy to seamlessly integrate advanced functionality with beauty in an appliance.

With all of these choices and new trends, Sarah Bashore, ASID, the owner of Hixon Interiors, says it’s no wonder homeowners are overwhelmed by the volume of decisions they have to make. “It’s important to have a clear vision,” she says. “A professional can help in executing that vision while narrowing down choices to reflect the end goal of a beautiful and functional kitchen.”

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By Julie Kailus. Photos courtesy Hixon Interiors and Budget Home Supply