Miracle Method of Boulder, Longmont and Northern Colorado.

Miracle Method of Boulder, Longmont and Northern Colorado. (Photo: Jonathan Castner).

Saves up to 70 percent less than a full remodel

Miracle Method offers an affordable alternative to costly full kitchen and bathroom remodels, providing refinishing services for countertops, bathtubs, shower pans, tile walls and floors. This process, which can be completed in just a few days, saves homeowners up to 50 to 70 percent compared to the price of a total renovation. Brian Weber, co-owner of Miracle Method of Northern Colorado, emphasizes the dual benefits of cost savings and aesthetic enhancement, while also highlighting the ease of maintenance post-refinishing.

Expanding from Boulder to Fort Collins, Miracle Method has broadened its reach, allowing more customers to experience the advantages of refinishing over complete remodeling. This service not only addresses cosmetic issues but also combats potential problems like mold and water damage, offering a protective seal that extends the lifespan of the treated surfaces.

Brian and Lynne Weber, who started their venture in 2001, have grown their business to include family members and expanded their service area to include parts of Wyoming. The company’s success is reflected in its positive reviews and the high level of customer satisfaction, attributed to the quality of their refinishing work and the detailed explanation of the process provided to customers.

Miracle Method’s refinishing process involves a deep clean, repair and application of a bonding agent and new coating, ensuring durability and a fresh appearance. Their showrooms in Longmont and Fort Collins display a variety of color and finish options, including the Natural Accents line, which offers a stone-like look.

In addition to aesthetic improvements, Miracle Method’s refinishing provides an easy-to-clean, mold-resistant surface, beneficial for both residential and commercial spaces. The use of low-VOC materials underscores the company’s commitment to health and environmental safety. Additionally, Miracle Method facilitates aging in place with their accessible tub modifications, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to home improvement that combines practicality, affordability and personalized service. > Visit miraclemethod.com/boulder.