Window treatments can add just as much to the comfort, look and feel of a room, while also adding to its energy efficiency.

Window treatments can add just as much to the comfort, look and feel of a room, while also adding to its energy efficiency.

Floors and walls get a lot of attention in the home, but window treatments can add just as much to the comfort, look and feel of a room, while also adding to its energy efficiency. 

“Window treatments provide a fashion statement to the home,” said Andrew Redenbarger, president of Windo VanGo in Broomfield. “Our business is making homes beautiful and representative of your personality.” 

Windo VanGo is a family-owned window treatment company that exclusively sells Hunter Douglas products. The company provides initial in-home consultations and installations, as well as a showroom with product displays. 

“Hunter Douglas shades are designed with purposeful style. They can transform a room with natural light, creating a distinctive, beautiful space,” Redenbarger said. 

Hunter Douglas’s different treatments have many options, all with their own benefits, including blinds, shades, verticals, draperies and shutters for interior windows, as well as outdoor patio shades. Wood blinds are inexpensive, durable and easy to clean, while faux wood, which looks nearly identical to wood, is moisture-resistant, durable and won’t be damaged in the sun. 

“Because we are in Colorado, we recommend faux wood blinds, not real wood. Because the sun is so strong, it will damage the product,” Redenbarger said. 

Options for shades include sheer, roman, roller, woven and vertical, as well as premier Hunter Douglas products like Silhouette and Pirouette. Those products offer a softer, more elegant look and have vanes for light control and privacy.

Honeycomb shades, also known as cellular shades, invite ambiance and provide sound absorption. Applause (single cell) and Duette (double cell) provide light filtering and room darkening and have a top-down or bottom-up design that can be adjusted to the customer’s liking. 

“The Honeycomb shade is always going to provide better installation and lower electricity bills,” Redenbarger said. 

Shades, as well as draperies, can darken an entire room, and draperies can be paneled to help prevent light leakage at the window edges. 

Blinds, shades, draperies and other window treatments add to a home’s design aesthetic, whether it’s traditional, classical, transitional or modern. Traditional designs often include window coverings in damask, florals, stripes and plaids and materials like silk, linen and velvet for the upholstery, inspired by the 18th and 19th centuries for a sense of history and glamour. 

“Think of royalty, layered colors and textures,” Redenbarger said. 

Classic is more subdued and uniform, employing creamy shades of white, beige and warm browns. Transitional mixes traditional and modern design elements for a cohesive feel, while modern design encompasses simple forms and functions and uses natural materials and warm, neutral colors. 

Wood blinds and shutters fall under classic design principles for their simpler looks, while heavy draperies and fluffy shades provide a more traditional look. Roller shades, which consist of a single piece of fabric covering a window, offer a clean, minimal design. Silhouettes and Pirouettes can be considered traditional or transitional, while Honeycomb is classic. 

Customers can use Hunter Douglas’s PowerView automation to schedule scenes and the time of day they want to raise and lower their shades. They can keep their home safe while traveling by using the mobile app to program the shades while they’re away. Automated window treatments also can be integrated into a smart home using voice activation. 

“We love to help our customers enrich the look of any room with blinds, shades, draperies and shutters. When we meet with our customers, we help create a home that reflects their style,” Redenbarger said. “We’re thrilled to be in partnership with Hunter Douglas because of the quality of window treatments, which I know all of our customers appreciate.”  

By Shelley Widhalm, At Home Luxe