Namaste Solar

(Photo courtesy: Namaste Solar).

Namaste Solar lays out numerous benefits of powering your home with the sun

Namaste Solar

(Photo courtesy: Namaste Solar).

Have you ever thought about putting a power station on your roof? That’s essentially what home solar is. With solar, you can own your power production.

 Installing solar panels can be one of the most climate-friendly actions you can take – and the benefits don’t stop there. The team at Namaste Solar, a local and employee-owned installer, is primed to help make solar and electrification a reality.

Not only is solar power good for the planet, but it will increase a home’s value, decrease or eliminate monthly power bills, and, let’s face it, solar is cool. It’s clean renewable energy that harnesses the infinite power of the sun. And for luxury homeowners, being at the forefront of green technology and making a difference for the environment is a no-brainer.

“It makes sense,” Namaste Solar Co-Owner and Brand Manager Jenna Stadsvold said. “For folks who want to design modern, technology-forward homes, the question is really … ‘why not?’”

Some folks in higher-end homes are concerned with aesthetics and curbside appeal when it comes to solar power. Namaste Solar has solutions.

“Our non-commissioned advisors custom design each installation to meet the needs of the homeowners,” Stadsvold said. “We often use black-on-black panels that have a modern look. And, our installers go the extra mile to run conduit inside the attic to make the install look as clean as possible.”

“As an employee-owned cooperative, we’re literally invested in providing the highest quality and that extra touch.” 

Namaste Solar, now with over 19 years of serving the front range, has worked to stay ahead on the latest technology as well. Stadsvold said high-efficiency panels provide more electrical output while taking up less space on the roof. 

And, one of the latest advancements is battery backup power. “Battery tech is really starting to take off,” Stadsvold said. “For folks who want to use their solar power in the evening or have redundancy when the grid goes down, it’s a great option.”

And, by combining an app-controlled smart electrical panel, you can have complete control over your home’s electrical use.

“With the app, you can have full visibility into your home’s electrical consumption,” Stadsvold said. “With the help of smart panels, you can be more effective in how the battery power is distributing energy and where it’s going.”

Solar also adds value to the home. A 2019 report from Zillow found that homes with solar panels sold for 4.1% more than homes without, on average.

Solar power will also lower or eliminate your electric bill. However, the up-front cost of a solar system in your home can cause sticker shock for some. Stadsvold recommends looking at a solar system more like a mortgage investment rather than a recurring energy expense.

“When you rent, you’re paying a landlord,” Stadsvold said, “and you never see that money again. When you pay your utility company each month, it’s like renting. You’re not getting that money back and you see no return. Solar lets you take control of your energy by owning your power production, saving homeowners thousands of dollars over the system’s lifetime – sometimes paying for itself twice over.”

“While it may take an average of 10-15 years for solar to pay for itself,” Stadsvold said. “you’ll have a power plant on your roof generating free electricity for decades.”

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By Ross Maak, At Home Luxe