Hardwood Flooring by Meyer Skidmore

Ley runner by McDonald Carpet One

Ley runner. (Photo: McDonald Carpet One).

High-end flooring options seem to proliferate each year. It can be hard to stay on top of what’s in for elegance, sustainability, patterns, stains and finishes, tiles, engineered hardwood and more. To simplify the discussion, we caught up with local flooring experts McDonald Carpet One and Meyer Skidmore & Co. Here’s what they see as the leading luxury trends in floors. 

Sustainable hardwoods  

A recent study based on the most viewed searches when looking to purchase a home cited hardwood flooring as the top feature in the U.S., according to Abbey Van Horn, president of Longmont’s quality hardwood flooring purveyor Meyer Skidmore & Company. 

Solid hardwood remains the most sustainable finish in a home. And with eco-friendly products taking over the market, hardwoods are becoming increasingly sustainable in materials as well as how long they last before needing replacement, if ever. 

Van Horn says that “homeowners who refinish their hardwood floor recover 147% of the cost according to the Remodeling Impact Report.” In addition, a joint study by the National Association of Realtors and Remodeling Impact Report suggested that the return on investment was the highest of all remodeling projects. New hardwood installation was second at 118% cost recovery. “Overall studies also show that your home value will increase 6% with hardwood floors,” she says. 

Warmer tones

Modern hardwood on stairs by Meyer Skidmore & Co.

Modern hardwood on stairs. (Photo: Meyer Skidmore & Co.).

Warm and dark browns are coming back around, according to Van Horn. “This will continue to circle around for years to come,” she says. “In a true craftsman-style home, for example, a warm, cozy brown hardwood floor is exactly what you need.” 

Kelley McDonald, owner of Boulder-based McDonald Carpet One, agrees. “Warmer-toned flooring, in both wood and luxury vinyl planks, continues to become more popular,” she says. “They are great neutrals and can even be used with cooler paint colors.” 

Also on the warm front are rich golden tones. “I am super excited about this new trend surge,” Van Horn says. “Gold, that color everyone wanted to get rid of for the past 10 years, is coming back around in a new fashion.” She says several clients have recently asked for wide-plank wood floors in rustic pine to achieve a rich golden color. 

“Timeless” elegance 

Van Horn calls a sense of timelessness another big flooring trend. Her clients are concerned about falling into a fad and are increasingly asking for something they can enjoy for years to come. 

“From solid to engineered hardwood, the timeless look of all-natural hardwood will never go out of style,” she says. “Our clients want a light and bright natural Scandinavian look in their homes, and this will also give them a modern and timeless feel. White wash and grays are quickly moving out.” 

More luxury flooring trends and ideas from the experts: 

Hardwood flooring in kitchen by Meyer Skidmore & Co.

Hardwood flooring in kitchen. (Photo: Meyer Skidmore & Co.).

• Herringbone: Try a unique organic inlay or herringbone patterned floor in your favorite room or entry. 

• Wool: Consider this eco-friendly flooring, which comes in some exciting new patterns and colors and can create that designer look.

• Tile: There’s no doubt that tile is trending more colorful than ever, especially in smaller spaces like powder rooms.

• Custom area rugs: These are a great choice to change up your décor seasonally. Just choose your favorite patterned carpet and it can be
custom made to the size and shape you want.

Want to see some of these trends in person? Stop by these local showrooms:
> Meyer Skidmore & Company, 63 South Pratt Parkway, Unit A, Longmont, 303.444.1174, meyerskidmore.com
> McDonald Carpet One, 6367 Arapahoe Road, Boulder, 303.449.0011, mcdonaldcarpetoneboulder.com

By Julie Kailus, At Home Luxe