Jennifer Egbert

Luxury real estate brokers utilize specialized strategies for the luxe market. If you’re selling a high-end home, they can take your experience to a level beyond what you’d expect from your typical real estate agent. They do this by offering the following:

The right connections
While “location, location, location” may be the battle cry of realtors everywhere, “connections, connections, connections” also reign supreme. A luxury specialist has these in spades. If you need an inspection, need a quote for a new hardwood floor, or need to repair a leaky water heater, they won’t waste time scanning Yelp and vetting potential companies; they already know exactly who to call.

Not only that, but they have networking connections as well. High-end clients tend to buy secondary or vacation homes in areas where they have little familiarity or areas they don’t plan to visit anytime soon. Getting your home in front of these types of clients takes more than a metal yard sign and a listing on the local MLS. You need an agent with national and international ties, someone who can grease the wheels until you’re rolling in potential buyers.

The art of communication
A luxury specialist can give a clinic on effective communication. They not only know how to communicate with their clients, but they know how to talk to lenders, service providers, potential buyers, and other real estate agents. They understand the needs of high-end clients and know how to listen for the must-haves and nonnegotiables.

A customized approach
A luxury specialist recognizes that selling a home is not the same experience for everyone; different clients need different things, especially in an affluent market. These agents are well-versed in customizing the process so that the client sells their property for top dollar, complete with terms that are in the best interest of the client and their bank account.

A you-centric marketing plan
In an uber-hot market, it often feels like homes practically sell themselves; even a “For Sale” sign written in crayon might get the job done. But a luxury specialist is so well-versed in marketing that they don’t just sell your home – they sell it for the optimum price.

From hiring photographers that produce magazine-like photos to videographers and staging specialists, these realtors assure that you capitalize on your home’s value. They also make use of direct mailings, digital marketing, and social media to find and entice the most promising prospects. Unlike traditional agents, who typically use one-size-fits-all marketing, a luxury specialist plans around the most important element: You.

Seeing beyond the exterior
A luxury specialist isn’t just a real estate agent, they’re a storyteller. They don’t just focus on square footage, solar panels, and rose gardens; they sell the essence of your property. They see beyond the exterior and make sure potential buyers do, too. They know the special features sure to thrill a buyer, turning your house into their home.

Whether you’re selling in a hot, cold, or neutral market, a luxury specialist is the key to closing the deal. They live up to their name, making sure your experience is as luxurious as possible.

By Jennifer Egbert. Jennifer is an award-winning, licensed Realtor® at milehimodern real estate in Boulder with more than eleven years of experience. She specializes in Luxury neighborhoods, home builders and current market conditions. Visit, e-mail [email protected] or call 303.619.3373.