Athena Brownson and Kate Vollmer

DENVER – After five years with the New Era Group, Athena Brownson is partnering with Compass real estate. The move to Compass with give Athena access to new technology and an opportunity to mentor a team of agents. Athena’s business partner Kate Vollmer also made the switch to assist in building a team.

“I strongly believe that one should always push themselves to continue learning and expanding their tool kit, which is why I chose Compass, a $6.4 billion real estate firm that opened its doors in Denver just under a year ago,” she said. “Once I educated myself on the technology that Compass has created for its agents, and saw the way they foster community, I felt this would be a great fit for me and allow me to continue evolving as a Realtor.”

As a Compass agent, Athena and team will be participating in the Compass Concierge program. Concierge enables Compass clients to easily prepare their home for sale by fronting the cost of home improvement services, including staging, painting and more. “With this forward-thinking program, we can sell our clients’ homes faster and for more money,” noted Brownson.

“Having these unique tools such as Compass Concierge, Compass Coming Soon Listings and their own MLS system that allows clients a more user-friendly experience will allow me to give my clients unparalleled service,” added Brownson.

In addition to joining the Compass team, Brownson is commemorating one year as an investor of Resilience Code, a health and performance facility in the Denver Tech Center. Resilience Code, owned by Chad Prusmack, who is the neurosurgeon for the Denver Broncos, UFC and Olympic training committee, offers a concierge approach to health by personalizing solutions to help prevent illness and injury and maximize one’s wellness.

Resilience Code, which counts professional athletes as clients, including members of the Denver Broncos, gives people access to the best experts in the world in medicine, psychology, neuroscience, sports rehabilitation, nutrition and more all under one roof. Brownson herself has experienced a major life change from Resilience Code. Doctors at the facility diagnosed her with Lyme disease after seeing a number of other doctors who couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her.

“Resilience Code is now guiding me through battling Lyme disease with some of the best doctors in the country,” concluded Brownson. “I have a personal trainer who keeps me strong and active, a nutritionist and I get IV therapy there. These resources have allowed my business to thrive, even when I am not feeling well.”

To reach Athena Brownson at Compass call 303.919.9344 or visit