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The dedicated team of agents at Boulder HomeSource fully embrace the lifestyle that Colorado has to offer. (Photo courtesy: Boulder Home Source at RE/MAX Alliance).

Team at Boulder HomeSource

Team at Boulder HomeSource discusses strategy. (Photo courtesy: Boulder Home Source at RE/MAX Alliance).

As the motto says, Boulder Home Source Team is a Lifestyle. With more than a billion dollars in sales since 1998 and more than 154 million in the last year. The Boulder Home Source Team has genuinely grown from an idea by Greg Smith and Cyndy Hinkelman Smith into one of RE/MAX’s top 25 Large Teams in the U.S. via a dedicated team of agents working together to provide their clients exceptional customer service while at the same time fully embracing the lifestyle that Colorado has to offer.

Boulder Home Source (BHS) started in 1998 when Greg and Cyndy tried to come up with a name for their website. In 1998, this was somewhat of a cutting-edge concept and idea, but even then, Greg and Cyndy did not want to brand themselves; they wanted a name representing the area they served. It also helped that Greg was working on his master’s in Information Systems and already had a passion for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) at a time when most brokers had no idea what HTML, linking structures, keywords or JAVA was. At this time, was born and quickly became one of the most visited websites along the Front Range for buyers looking for property.

As the result of the team has had the pleasure of selling some of the highest-priced homes in the area, working with C-Suite executives, entrepreneurs, government officials, teachers, first responders and the list goes on, giving them the insight and expertise to work with a broad network of individuals. Guess what? They all want the same thing: honesty, follow-up, area expertise, and knowing that you care.

Because of Boulder Home Source’s 22-year commitment to SEO and SEM, the footprint of has expanded to cover the entire Front Range; as a result, BHS can now meet the demands of clients from Fort Collins to Castle Rock. Greg and Cyndy maybe should have been a little more ambitious and chose Colorado Home Source. That 23-year crystal ball was a little fuzzy.

As the BHS team grew, we stepped back and decided to focus first on service by integrating a best-in-class technology suite and leaning into the top-level tools RE/MAX Alliance offers. After building our support, marketing, and concierge team, BHS introduced a best-in-class contact relationship manager and engaged a best-in-class website team. No more late nights of Greg developing pages and writing blogs across hundreds of websites; thank goodness!

At this time, a fantastic thing happened, and new agents asked to join the team; even more surprisingly, agents from other companies started advising their friends and family that if they were getting into real estate, they needed to call the BHS Team with RE/MAX Alliance. They told them that BHS is truly unique and the only team or brokerage in town with a significant lead flow, first-class systems, and training that is second to none.

As a result, the BHS Team grew organically to over 15 brokers serving the Front Range. BHS now has the pleasure of helping over 200 clients, or new friends as we like to call them, a year to meet their real estate goals.

When we asked Joe Gibbs, the director of operations, and McLean Smith, the director of marketing and inside sales, what makes BHS special, they said it is easy, “it is our commitment to helping our agents fully meet the needs of their clients. We are not marketing the Greg Smith Team; we are assisting Lorrie Trussell or Candace Newlove-Marrs to provide their clients with an exceptional experience. Our agents and their clients are our priority, and our team’s name and branding are secondary to us. In many ways, we are similar to a high-end advertising agency specializing in selling Real Estate and promoting our team members. After 23 years and over 1,500 transactions. We know what works firsthand in a multitude of markets.”

Many new models in real estate have come and gone in the real estate world, but BHS has learned that the key to success still boils down to having the extra hustle and being locally involved in your community. Supporting your community through donations and volunteering in programs such as Longmont Humane Society, Out Boulder, Children’s Hospital, coaching youth sports, Chautauqua, University of Colorado, Continental Divide Trail, and many other great organizations that truly make Colorado a special place to call home.

What is next for the BHS Team in 2023? After sitting down with Greg Smith, Joe Gibbs, McLean Smith, Corinne Wiehe, Annie Zrubek, Candace Newlove-Marrs, Jeff Gazaway, Jordan Tennant, Ken Watkins, Kevin Murray, Lorrie Trussell, Mark Bosley, Mary Romano, Nicole Duke, Scott Hurst, Sean McAndrew, Shannon McGuire, Susan Martin, Tyler Weber, And Will Ford going through their Life Goals for the coming year, the message is loud and clear they are excited for the market ahead and look forward to helping their clients achieve their Real Estate Goals.

The team feels that in 2023 expertise and a strong work ethic will be keys to success. Putting up a sign and waiting for the phone to ring will no longer cut it when selling a home. You need a true expert helping to guide you through each step of the way, from prepping the home for sale to staging, to when and how to market, and once under contract, how to position yourself for the contingencies that lie ahead while maximizing your investment.

For buyers, being in tune with the market and leaving no stone unturned to help the buyer find a home is key. Just watching the MLS is not enough. The BHS Agents believe we need to be networking with the agent community, canvassing neighborhoods, and leaning into our over 40,000 registered users on our website to ensure we find the best fit for our clients. Then we need to know what questions to be asking. What financing options are available? Can you sell before you buy? Will the Seller take a contingent offer? Does a 2,1 Buy down make sense? Is a long-term Buy Down a better option? Will the Seller cover the HOA costs for a year? Does a 2-year home warranty reduce the risk? Does this house allow short-term rentals? Is an ADU possible? BHS knows that having a realtor who knows the questions to ask could be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful transaction.

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Boulder HomeSource Team at RE/MAX Alliance

The Boulder Home Source Team. (Photo courtesy: Boulder Home Source at RE/MAX Alliance).