Eclectic artwork lends itself to a retro decor vibe. (Photo: Design Recipes/TNS).

When it comes to creating and personalizing a space, choosing a decor style is the all-important first step.

With so many styles to choose from, though, the prospect of deciding on one can be overwhelming, one that’s often pushed aside and forgotten until another day.

But choosing an interior decor style doesn’t have to be that hard. In fact, your decor style is a great way to bring your personality and interests to life. Plus, it’ll give you a starting point to work from, helping you to choose pieces that go together beautifully.

From classic to contemporary, midcentury modern to industrial, here’s a look at some tips for finding the right style for your space.

Consider your interests
One of the best ways to get inspired for interior decor design is to think about the things that interest you the most. Which things capture your attention and fascinate you the most? The areas of your life that you’re passionate about can help give you clues on what decor style is right for you. For instance, if you’re drawn to all things retro, maybe a midcentury decor style is right for you. If you love to travel, perhaps a bohemian-inspired interior is more up your alley. Have a love of the comfortable yet timeless interiors? Then look no further than traditional decor. Still not sure? Ask yourself these questions.

• What types of stores do I tend to gravitate toward?
• What style of home or decor do I most admire?
• When I look through magazines, what style speaks to me the most?
• What trends do I like to follow?
• What colors and patterns do I tend to be attracted to?

Mix and match
While one style might be more than enough, it is possible you don’t have one specific style that suits you best. You might prefer to mix and match. To make this work practically, try to choose two styles that naturally go together well – for example, modern and contemporary, or contemporary and industrial. To ensure a perfect melding of styles, create unity with color, mix the styles evenly throughout the room and find a visual balance.

By Cathy Hobbs, Tribune News Service. Cathy Hobbs, based in New York City, is an Emmy Award-winning television host and a nationally known interior design and home staging expert with offices in New York City, Boston and Washington, D.C. Contact her at [email protected] or visit her website at