Barb Passalacqua

BOULDER – Realtor Barb Passalacqua has been a real estate agent since 2014, but her history with the profession began much earlier. Her father was a real estate developer and real estate is in her blood. During the summers when she was in college, Barb worked for her father showing model homes to his clients.

In 1985, Barb moved to Boulder after college. Having lived in many different areas of the city, she gained first-hand knowledge and familiarity with each neighborhood. She also lived in Nederland where she and her husband still own a rental home.

Barb’s clientele ranges from first-time homebuyers to long-time real estate investors. Her extensive experience with a wide range of properties and types of transactions enables Barb to expertly navigate the intricacies of home buying and selling. When starting the home buying, selling, or renovating process, Barb leads the team. She has a broad network of connections with contractors for every job and vast experience with staging homes so that they show just right. She is a full-service agent.

Barb is also very active in the Boulder community. Having owned a spinning gym and health club in Boulder for eight years, she loves fitness and the outdoor lifestyle. She enjoys mountain biking and hiking on the trails across the city, and finds joy teaching yoga and helping her students appreciate the serenity it brings.

She is also very passionate about animals and is an enthusiastic volunteer for the Humane Society of Boulder Valley. She is the co-organizer of the Small Dog Play group, which has over 300 members, and she also hosts the annual Fido Fiesta, a fun event at the Passalacqua home in central Boulder.

To contact Barb, call 303.449.7000, e-mail [email protected] or visit