For those who don’t know BOLO Realtors, the Boulder Longmont Realtor Association is making waves in the ever-dynamic world of real estate in Boulder County – and beyond. BOLO is a merger between Realtor® associations in Boulder and Longmont. But it’s bigger than branding.

The joint venture reflects real estate association consolidation nationwide. In the past, Realtor associations were created by territories within a specific geographic area. “In today’s environment, our members work all over the region, not just in Boulder or Longmont,” says Veronica Precella, CEO of BOLO Realtors. “The technological advances over the last 30 years have allowed our professionals to sell across the state.”

Because all local associations are responsible for basic administrative tasks, merging Boulder and Longmont allows BOLO Realtors to create efficiencies in process and economies of scale for services. “This benefits our members as we are able to focus more time and resources on services to help them grow their business and save them money. Together, we are stronger,” Precella says.

Lisa Wade, CAR Director, RE/MAX of Boulder, calls BOLO Realtors’ ability to provide more services without duplicating efforts is the wave of the future. “Here in Colorado, Realtors need to be experts in mountain, urban, suburban and rural areas. We are extremely busy! Our clients count on our expertise, and we count on our association to keep us going at peak performance levels,” she says.

But it’s more than just real estate professionals who can benefit from BOLO Realtors membership. People in affiliated industries, such as title, mortgage, home inspection, even trades like painters and movers, can join the trade association. The mission of the organization is to support Realtor members at both the local and national level through education and advocacy – to enable individual success and promote benefits to the community at large. BOLO Realtors advocates on a local, state and national level to ensure the protection of personal property rights.

BOLO Realtors key benefits
“Merging two 100-year-old associations was a big step, a change we did not take lightly,” says Kurt J. Finley of RE/MAX Traditions, who chairs BOLO Realtors. “We have made every effort to make all of our members feel a welcome part of the new whole. Realtor members that I have spoken to feel like the new organization has moved forward seamlessly offering the services and benefits they need and expect.”

The new trade association for one of the hottest industries in the country is bringing some standout services to Colorado’s professional home-buying and -selling network. Touting its 100% focus on exceptional member experiences, BOLO Realtors staff members answer all calls, working through questions and challenges one-on-one.

Anyone who holds a Colorado real estate license may become a Realtor member of BOLO. Individuals who work in an industry that in some way touches a real estate transaction may join as an affiliate partner. Currently, the group has 1,689 Realtor members and 145 affiliate partners.

All members subscribe to the National Association of Realtors Code of Ethics, which includes duties to clients and customers, the public and other Realtors. Core BOLO Realtors benefits range from a resource library to access to government affairs and statistics to tech help and helpful apps. There’s even an in-house video production studio available to members at no charge.

BOLO Realtors® is also deeply involved in the Marshall Fire recovery efforts, most recently through a webinar that pulled together experts from several industries to address issues related to the Marshall fires.

Education imperative in a fast-paced environment
Education is critical right now for BOLO Realtors, explains Precella. “Due to escalating property values, our members must become fluent in a much wider geographic net, so our members take full advantage of the courses and seminars we offer to keep current on the region and the nuances of the communities in our region.”

BOLO Realtors is the only association in the state that’s approved to provide Buffini and Company’s intensive industry training programs – Pathways to Mastery and 100 Days to Greatness. “These programs have made our members operate on the highest level of professionalism,” says Precella.

Likewise, BOLO Realtors is one of three associations in the state that is approved to provide coursework for the Graduate Realtor Institute (GRI) Designation program, which requires 15 4-hour-courses within a 3-year period. “This designation is key for newer members and provides a roadmap towards a successful career,” says Precella.

Members stay up to date on the activities of the local governments in the region thanks to work by BOLO Realtors Vice President of Government Affairs and Community Investment Amy Aschenbrenner. “Our focus is on personal property rights and any legislation that would impact our industry,” she says.

BOLO Realtors also serves as a resource in times of uncertainty. “We monitored and reported all the protocols of COVID-19 when the rules for our industry were changing day-to-day.” The group is also deeply involved in the Marshall Fire recovery efforts, most recently through a webinar that pulled together experts from several industries to address issues related to the Marshall fires.

BOLO Realtors is also embedded in the community in other ways. Major annual fundraisers benefit Longmont’s The Inn Between (golf tournament and Christmas gift card collection) and OUR Center (Empty Bowls auction). Members also volunteer in a wide variety of giving programs such as Chambers of Commerce, Commuting Solutions, Better Boulder, Share-A-Gift, Crayons to Calculators, Thanksgiving Dinners for Veterans and Junior Achievement, to name a few.

In many ways, the BOLO merger simply brought together more like-minded people to do good. “Historically, Longmont and Boulder interacted like an extended family. Different personalities perhaps, but very few differences in ideology or visions for how our organizations could grow,” says member Cher Smith, CAR Director, Equity Colorado Real Estate. “Today I no longer look at us as an extended family but as a blended family, standing side by side focused on the same goals for our members.”

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By Julie Kailus. Photos: Jonathan Castner.