If you don’t like flipping the house between holidays, try a festive look that is easy to transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas. (Photo: Handout/TNS).

Set up your tree early with a sparkling white theme that can tie into your Thanksgiving celebration as well. (Photo: Handout/TNS).

Merry Thanksgiving! If you are just not ready to start thinking about Christmas, or you don’t have the time or desire to decorate, the transitional metallic look for you. This flexible design, with gleaming golds and a sophisticated stylishness that is both dramatic and welcoming, is perfect to take you through the whole holiday season without a lot of labor. The cornerstone of the display is classic elegance. By focusing on texture and finishes instead of color, it allows for a dynamic spread that isn’t overwhelming to the eye. The sparkling white and gold accents create a rich atmosphere that shines. Perfect for tablescapes, mantel displays and tree decor, it is a versatile look that can be used throughout the home.

The true superstar in my eyes is our gorgeous tablescape. We kept the centerpiece low and the candles high. Not only do the varying heights add balance, the candelabras are a perfect dramatic touch that still allows plenty of across-the-table chit chat. The table is reminiscent of 1920s glamour with a show-stopping tablecloth, beaded and pearl accents and intricate patterns. The gold-rimmed plates and glasses bring festiveness to an otherwise straightforward setting. Top off each place setting with an ornament and label with names to act as place cards and a little treat for guests to take home.

From the table to the mantel, the golden pumpkins and gourds create a beautiful and impactful display. The lack of traditional fall colors like brown, orange and yellow allow for a transitional look into the Christmas season. After the Thanksgiving feast, it’s as simple as switching out the metallic autumn accents for something with some Christmas sparkle. Sit a Santa on the centerpiece, some ornaments on the mantel and bring up the trees!

The sharp lines and glass ornaments used on the Christmas tree tie in gorgeously to the table setting and create a continuous story throughout your home. While it’s definitely nontraditional to have a tree up during Thanksgiving, it ties so beautifully in with the table and mantel you will be tempted to get it up early! I’m a “put the tree up on Nov. 1” kind of gal myself.

By Katie Laughridge, Tribune News Service. Adapted from nellhills.com. Katie Laughridge is the owner of Kansas City interior design destination Nell Hill’s. For more information, contact Katie at [email protected].