Miracle Method of Boulder/Longmont
Miracle Method has been saving customers money and reinvigorating worn baths and kitchens since 2002. (Photo: Jonathan Castner).

Brian and Lynne Weber, owners of Miracle Method of Boulder, are deeply motivated by providing their customers with a superior experience. Brian has a background in construction and, in 2001, he and his wife discovered Miracle Method. Miracle Method is a product that can bring old countertops and finishes back to life, giving homeowners all the benefit of the fresh and newly-renovated feel, without the cost. “Miracle Method has been around since 1979 and we use a proprietary process that is exclusive to Miracle Method only,” says Lynne, vice president of operations at Miracle Method.

The couple were so impressed by Miracle Method that they decided to start their own store. They invested in training, took out a small business loan and opened their doors in April of 2002. “We started off in my garage,” says Brian. “I was the tech guy, scheduler, sales guy, everything.” Eventually, Lynne’s brother Tom joined the team, followed by Tom’s son, leaving Brian more time to focus on large-scale business decisions.

Miracle Method of Boulder/Longmont
The benefits of refinishing your surfaces are plenty, and the ease of maintenance is just one of them. (Photo courtesy: Miracle Method).

The Webers have now been in business for nearly 18 years. They started with a shop in Hygiene, then moved to Weaver Park for nine years before landing at their current location: 1822 Sunset Place in Longmont. This space has the incredible benefit of a showroom, which allows people to see and feel the products that interest them. “Our showroom lets people see the real potential of how beautiful and solid refinishing can be,” says Brian. The Miracle Method showroom also sells and installs shower doors in a range of styles with numerous options.

Longmont’s Miracle Method offers a convenient alternative to renovation by refinishing instead of replacing baths, showers, countertops, vanities and tiles. Customers are both private and commercial, including homes, hospitals, hotels, resorts, military housing, senior living centers and colleges and universities. Miracle Method offers a solution of why these surfaces can be refinished – bathroom and kitchen areas of the home are often used heavily and suffer damage, or perhaps they are simply difficult to clean. Other customers choose to change up these areas of the home because of impaired mobility or because they’re simply tired of their pink bathroom from the 70s.

“A lot of times people don’t really know what refinishing is,” says Brian. He is right – even some of the savviest homeowners aren’t familiar with the term “refinishing.” Brian explains that it is far more than just slapping on a new coat of finish. “It’s coating and detailing, buffing and polishing to give that glossy, deep look like something brand new out of the box,” he says. “The surface is smooth, especially great for cleaning purposes; you can’t just put a coating down and leave. That’s a dirt collector. We make maintenance as quick and easy as possible.”

The benefits of refinishing your surfaces are plenty, and the ease of maintenance is just one of them. Additionally, refinishing is more affordable and less time-consuming than replacement. When the Webers first started Miracle Method, it cost about $3,500 to tear out and retile a tub. Now, that price is often closer to $7,000. “With refinishing, our average cost to come in and restore your bathroom is less than $1,500, depending on what you choose, and we expect an average life expectancy of twenty years,” says Brian. “The math just makes sense.” Furthermore, Miracle Method is a far more sustainable choice than the replacement process. Instead of sending your old fixtures and counters to a landfill, you’re giving new life to existing materials.

Miracle Method is not limited to countertops – bathtubs, tile walls and shower pans can also benefit from the quick and affordable refinishing process. The list of materials on which one can use the Miracle Method includes fiberglass, steel, cast iron, cultured marble, ceramic tile – most of the typical home surfaces. “All these can be refinished beautifully,” says Brian. The myriad of colors and patterns available for refinishing are also a draw for customers. You can get a close match your existing material or even choose something that compliments your favorite set of towels. Whatever finish you choose; the final product will look brand new.

While Miracle Method is a tried-and-true process, it’s the Webers’ team that sets them apart. Brian and Lynne have carefully chosen a thorough, skilled and detail-oriented crew for their Miracle Method business. “We enjoy helping our customers to pick the solution that is best for their needs,” says Lynne. “We take pride in providing the best customer service and quality at a fraction of the cost of replacement.”

In addition to refinishing surfaces, which is most of their business, Miracle Method also offers bathroom modifications for the mobility impaired. These modifications usually include the Easy Safe Step walk-in tub, which allows customers to step through versus over the bathtubs’ edge. Miracle Method can cut an opening in the side of an existing tub to allow easier entry and exit, which makes independent living more comfortable and safer for seniors. Miracle Method can also add grab bars, hand-held shower nozzles, curved shower rods for more space, and permanent bath mats. “We can make a big difference in safety and it will look great,” says Brian. These simple changes can reduce the risk of slips or falls, at a far smaller cost than most alternatives.

Whatever service or product the Webers provide for you, they stand behind it 100 percent. “From the start we always thought, let’s run this ethically,” says Brian. “It’s not so much about the sale as getting information out there, whether we end up being the best fit for a customer or not.” You won’t find a pushy or demanding salesperson at Miracle Method. “I hate that,” says Brian. “Let a person sleep on their decisions. What’s the difference if I decide today or tomorrow?” The educational component is a really important part of business for the Webers. “I enjoy educating people on how remodeling works,” Brian says. “I love helping people to see the cost analysis, referring them to sites that help lay out budget. I like people to do their homework. They usually come back.”

A family owned and operated business, Miracle Method encourages visits to the showroom at 1822 Sunset Place, Suite A, in Longmont. If you have an upcoming renovation project, call the Miracle Method office at 720.727.2832 or e-mail [email protected] to arrange for an in-home estimate.

Miracle Method of Boulder/Longmont
Miracle Method is not limited to countertops – bathtubs, tile walls and shower pans can also benefit from the quick and affordable refinishing process. (Photos: Jonathan Castner).

By Emma Castleberry, for At Home.