AH022616-Calmante-2SUPERIOR – Alexa Claybon understood a move back to Colorado was a big deal. She and her family had been in Maryland for nine years, more than enough time to put down roots. But her extended family is here, in Colorado, which is where she wanted to be. So, she began the process of relocating.

She knew that location would be key. She wanted to ensure she wasn’t too far away from loved ones, outdoor activities, and Boulder. And she was looking for ways to reduce the stress in her daily life. Anything that could lighten her load was welcome.

Of course, a house hunt isn’t necessarily the best thing for stress relief. Fortunately, Claybon came across Boulder Creek Neighborhoods Calmante community early on in her search. That made things much easier.

Located in Superior, Calmante seemed a good match all the way around. The neighborhood is adjacent to more than 10,000 acres of Boulder County open space. There are even trails for hiking and biking. And Boulder is just minutes away.

However, Claybon was still in Maryland when she began her search. While a new home at Calmante looked great on paper, she was hesitant to make a homebuying decision without more information.  So, she sent both a friend and her mother to the community to check it out. Both knew what she wanted in a home, and both told her Calmante was it.

“I knew they were selling quickly,” Claybon explained. She didn’t want to miss out, so she finalized the agreement on her home without delay.

When asked if her new home, a two-story Riverbend model, lived up to her expectations, she said, “It is great.” The kitchen is spacious and open. The lower level is perfect for entertaining guests, either for the evening or overnight. There’s even space for a home office, which she uses on a regular basis.

For Claybon, the move from Maryland was all about lifestyle. Being close to family was a big part of the decision, but so was another sort of change. Claybon spoke of the “stressful pace of life” in Maryland, due in part to the demands of city living, but also due to living in an older home. She was tired of the upkeep and ready for something that took up less of her free time.

Boulder Creek’s signature style of low-maintenance living was the icing on the cake. Not only is the location ideal, but she won’t have to spend evenings and weekends tending to the yard or shoveling snow. Like all Boulder Creek homes, most of the outdoor chores are managed on behalf of the homeowner.

Claybon explains that her time at home is sacred. She doesn’t want to miss out on opportunities to be with her family because she has to clear snow off the driveway. She’s committed to guarding her free time. Buying from Boulder Creek meant, in her words, “not having to worry.”

On top of that, Calmante offers a vibrant and connected community. Claybon talked about the walking trails, specifically, and she’s not the only neighborhood resident who’s a fan. “Everybody’s always out on these paths,” she said. Additionally, Claybon describes her new neighbors as friendly, and the community as diverse and welcoming.

When asked about her favorite aspect of her new home, she laughed and pointed out the tankless hot water heater that is included at Calmante.   In fact, her home came equipped with all kinds of energy efficient perks. “Knowing we will never run out of hot water is incredible,” she said. With two daughters in the home, one can easily see the appeal.

Claybon was out of state while working through the process of contracting on her home.  “It’s a lot more difficult to do remotely,” she said. Claybon described them as responsive and professional. She said they took her time table seriously, always attentive to her needs as a buyer.

That won’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s familiar with Boulder Creek. The builder has a reputation for impeccable customer service.

Kathy Rittenbery is a Sales Professional at Calmante who worked with Claybon. She was quick to point out that it all comes down to Boulder Creek’s core philosophy. They aren’t just selling homes. They’re enabling buyers to have the kind of lifestyles they’ve always wanted.

Take low-maintenance living, for example. “There are so many wonderful things that you can be doing outside in Colorado,” Rittenbery observed. Why spend time mowing the lawn when you could be hiking, cycling, skiing, or just enjoying the natural beauty?

AH022616-Calmante-3Boulder Creek’s commitment to lifestyle doesn’t stop at low-maintenance features. The design of the home makes a huge difference, too. Once again, consider Claybon’s new townhome. Both Rittenbery and Claybon describe it as open and welcoming,

Anyone familiar with the tunnel-like design of most townhomes may find those adjectives unlikely, but Boulder Creek is serious about building homes that make the most of the space. The townhomes at Calmante completely break with traditional townhome design, offering floorplans that are flexible, spacious, and full of natural light.

Rittenbery says she absolutely loves her job, due primarily to the fact that she genuinely feels she’s helping people. She says it’s wildly gratifying to know she’s meeting her buyers’ needs and wants. The architecture of the homes, the low-maintenance lifestyle, the Boulder County location, and the quality of construction make a Boulder Creek townhome an amazing value. She’s proud to be a part of what Boulder Creek does.

When asked about availability at Calmante, Rittenbery said interested buyers “really need to act quickly.” The townhomes at Calmante come in several floorplan options, including designs that emphasize main floor living. However, there are only about a dozen homes left, and the community as a whole is filling quickly.

Calmante is, in Rittenbery’s words, a “really nice mix of professionals… and empty nesters who are looking forward to outdoor activities and also traveling.” With, a low-maintenance lifestyle, stunning scenery, and an amazing location, these homes won’t be on the market long. In fact, Rittenbery anticipates that most of the remaining homes will find owners in a matter of months.

If you’re currently on the market for a new home and a new lifestyle, it’s worth your time to consider Calmante, starting in the mid $600s.  For more information about Calmante and Boulder Creek, call 303.606.4340 or visit LiveCalmante.com.

By Adam Martin, At Home. Photos provided by Boulder Creek  Neighborhoods.