Architect David Gregg has watched home sizes trend larger and larger over his career. According to Gregg, the average size of a home in the 1950s was approximately 900 square feet – quite a bit smaller than today’s average size of 2400 square feet. In spite of that trend and the popularity of larger homes, there’s a movement for some buyers to seek something different. Home shoppers are finding value in reducing their square footage and the resources required for home maintenance and upkeep. This discerning group has either grown weary of maintaining the big home with the big backyard,– or they were simply never attracted to that lifestyle in the first place. As their needs evolve, they are looking to right-sized, main floor designs that are better suited to meet the needs of their current lifestyle.

Gregg is a founder of local low-maintenance homebuilder Boulder Creek Neighborhoods. He is passionate about the ideas of low-maintenance living, down-shifting, and right-sizing. These concepts are on his mind when working through new floorplan designs, and he has fully subscribed to them, even in his own life. He understands that some people are not interested in the largest house they can possibly afford, and instead seek a home that suits not only their current, but their future needs as well. For many, the wish list includes main floor living, fewer outdoor maintenance chores, and more free time. “Initially, Boulder Creek set out to develop homes with features desired by seniors and baby boomers,” Gregg says. “We wanted a comfortable, low-maintenance home for those who would prefer to age in place, or those that may have mobility concerns.” What the company has found over the years, however, is that the appeal of a low-maintenance lifestyle goes well beyond retirees. Working professionals who are busy with a job or travel are among those who appreciate leaving outdoor maintenance chores behind. “Really, anyone seeking to find free time for hobbies, travel, and spending time with family and friends is a good match for a Boulder Creek way of life.”
Making a lifestyle choice early, Gregg says, are the downshifters, who ask themselves questions like: “How much do I need? What do I want to do with my life? Instead of increasing the number of hours I work, could I downshift my life and spend my time and resources on the things that are important to me?”

Gregg himself can relate. Speaking of his personal experience, “I’m a typical down-shifting story. My kids are grown and out of the house, so the extra bedrooms, large yard, and swing-set are no longer necessary.” He muses, “I find myself realizing there’s more that I want to do with my time, and recognizing that a simpler way of living is becoming more and more attractive to me.”Gregg continues, “The idea of downshifting is something we see in all of our neighborhoods – it epitomizes our buyer. Downshifting is an entire lifestyle change. We have a saying here at Boulder Creek Neighborhoods: Buy the home you need, not the home you can afford.” Wise words in a culture that often stresses a “more is more” mentality.

So, what are the things that you “need” in a home? Gregg is quick to point out, “That answer can be different from person to person – which is why Boulder Creek offers homes in a variety of floorplans, neighborhoods, and even price points” – all designed to deliver a low-maintenance way of life. Main-floor living is a must-have for a lot of downsizers, and many of Boulder Creek homes offer main floor master suites and main floor laundry rooms. The company currently offers several all ranch-style home series, including patio home neighborhoods at Denio West in Longmont, Brennan by the Lake in Erie, and the Villas at Calmante in Superior, as well as the zero-step Encore series in Thornton and Aurora.

Other commonalities across Boulder Creek’s communities are a dedication to energy efficient designs, a commitment to industry-leading construction techniques, and a focus on gather feedback from homeowners to improve future floorplans. The company’s townhomes at Denio West, Brennan and DELO in Louisville are built with the same attention to low-maintenance details.
As resident architect, Gregg has been involved in all of Boulder Creek’s floor plans. “I’ve become certified as an aging in place specialist. That means less stairs, wider halls, wider doorways, more space for mobility devices like walkers. We’re more generous with the hallways and the doors. I’m doing what I can to shorten hallways, and if possible to eliminate them. I spend a lot of time fine-tuning the plans so the homes can be comfortable without having unnecessary space.”

With a smile, Gregg shares a quote by Will Rogers: “Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.”

Living in a Boulder Creek neighborhood
Every low-maintenance home from Boulder Creek Neighborhoods is designed to make your life just a little bit easier. Expect fewer outdoor maintenance chores, like raking and shoveling, and more opportunity to live the live you’ve always dreamed about but never had time for – something Boulder Creek calls “Lifefullness.” At Boulder Creek, a home is more than a home – it’s a lifestyle, a choice to relax, celebrate and love life.
Whether your motivation is to experience more of life, reduce the stress that comes with home maintenance, right-size your home, or all of the above, you’re in the right place in a Boulder Creek neighborhood.

For more information
Boulder Creek Neighborhoods is an award-wining homebuilder located in Louisville, Colorado. The company offers low-maintenance patio homes and townhomes in neighborhoods across the Front Range, with prices from the low $300s to over $1 Million. To learn more about why a new lifestyle may be right for you, call Boulder Creek’s Sales Concierge team at 303.309.0088. They can answer questions, discuss your needs, and set up an appointment to visit any of Boulder Creek’s low-maintenance neighborhoods. For more information on floorplans, pricing, virtual home tours and more, visit