FORT COLLINS – Financing a new home can seem like an impersonal business transaction. It’s all about the rates, credit scores and paperwork, right? But when you work with The Bermejo Team at Cornerstone Home Lending Inc., the discussion is about your personal goals and the excitement of home ownership.

“We start by asking what you are trying to achieve with a home loan,” explains senior loan officer John Bermejo. “You may want to consolidate existing loans, refinance for a better mortgage rate, or just finance your purchase of a home. As experienced loan officers, we understand that there are many options available to help you reach your goal, and we can find the one that serves you best.”

The word “service” comes up a lot when you speak with The Bermejo Team. In fact, the group’s core principles are built around a commitment to serve each client in the best way possible. Each member of the team is committed to acting with integrity, respect and care. “I describe this as my life purpose, to share the greatest part of myself with as many people as I can, to make their lives better,” Bermejo says.

Most buyers are able to qualify for a loan, but for some, it may take a little time. The Bermejo Team works with clients who need to focus on repairing their credit, or first-time buyers who are struggling to put together their down payment.

“We like to say, ‘It’s not a matter of IF you qualify, but when,’” explains Bermejo Team loan officer Jennifer Bray. “We have plenty of options to help you get a foot in the door. Down payments requirements have changed. You don’t have to put 20 percent down to get a conventional loan now. There are loans for first-time buyers that only require a three percent down payment. We even have loans designed for rural properties. We are going to spend time with you to find the right loan for your property and location.”

As a member of Cornerstone Home Lending Inc., The Bermejo Team has access to many federal, state and county programs that assist people with home ownership. Your loan officer will search out all available opportunities and find the scenario that works the best with your circumstances.

John Bermejo and his team at Cornerstone Home Lending are eager to help future homebuyers find the best solution for their needs.

John Bermejo and his team at Cornerstone Home Lending are eager to help future homebuyers find the best solution for their needs.

Take the first step: Get Prequalified (in 24 hours or less)**

Getting prequalified for a loan is an essential first step on your path to home ownership. In this highly competitive housing market, sellers often have multiple offers from qualified buyers. You really need that “prequal” to even be considered.

The good news: It only takes 24 hours or less** for most people to get prequalified when you apply online at The Bermejo Team web site. “We know there is a lot of emotion involved in buying a home,” John Bermejo says. “People are anxious, and we don’t want to make them wait. It’s not unusual for me to get a call from someone in the morning, and I’m able to get back to them later that afternoon.”

With your prequalification in hand, you are ready to actively begin your home search. If you decide to make an offer on a home, the Bermejo Team will work to promote your offer against competing bids. “We help our purchase clients by reaching out to the listing agent of the property they want to buy,” Bermejo explains. “We tell them about our clients and give the seller compelling reasons they should accept our client’s offer.”

If for some reason your first application is not approved, The Bermejo Team isn’t going to just wish you luck and show you the door. They are willing to invest more in their clients than the big-brand lenders can.

John Bermejo and his team will work with you to identify what steps you can take to become eligible. The process may take months, or even a year. Your loan officer may check in with you on your progress. If you are willing to put in the work, Team Bermejo is there to partner with you along the way.

Is all this extra work worth the effort? “Absolutely!” Jennifer Bray says. “When you are at the closing table, you feel the excitement and see the light in people’s eyes when they understand what they have accomplished. They are homeowners! That’s when I know we have done a good job.”

Put The Bermejo Team to work for you

PhilipWegener-Cornerstone-08It only takes 10 minutes to complete your free, online prequalification. Don’t convince yourself you can’t qualify, John Bermejo advises. “Don’t play the loan officer yourself. We work with a lot of options that most consumers don’t know about.”

Bermejo recalls a recent experience, where he was able to retire a portion of a client’s consolidated debt while adding an additional $750 a month to the client’s cash flow. “Imagine what you could do with that!” Bermejo says.

The Bermejo Team provides purchase and refinance lending for primary homes, second homes and residential investment properties. John Bermejo is licensed to serve buyers in Colorado and Wyoming.

When all is said and done, the home financing you get from The Bermejo Team really is simply a loan. But the passion, the expertise and the personal relationship that comes with it? That’s a gift.

Call The Bermejo Team and begin your path to home ownership.

Visit The Bermejo Team, Cornerstone Home Lending Inc. at 2809 E. Harmony Rd. in Fort Collins or call 970-797-3303. Learn more online at

John Bermejo NMLS 265569   Jennifer Bray  NMLS 980758   Jamie Daniels  NMLS 623538  **Not a commitment to lend. Borrower must meet qualification criteria. Equal Housing Opportunity

By L. L. Charles for At Home, Photos by Phil Wegener