Townhomes announced for Erie's Brennan by the Lake

Boulder Creek Neighborhoods announces townhomes coming to Brennan by the Lake in Erie, Colorado

When it comes to new homes in Erie, Brennan by the Lake certainly stands out.

ERIE – If you’re familiar with the local housing market, you’ve probably heard of Boulder Creek Neighborhoods. One of the state’s most well-respected home builders, Boulder Creek is known for developing low-maintenance communities across the Front Range, attracting many from near and far who are searching for a new way of living. “People seek out our homes because of the lifestyle they offer,” says Boulder Creek’s Vice President of Sales Brian Fink. Judging by the success of Brennan by the Lake, Boulder Creek’s newest neighborhood in Erie, there’s no shortage of homebuyers searching for an easier way of life.

Located in Erie, Brennan by the Lake is Boulder Creek’s newest neighborhood. In April, the builder launched sales of their popular ranch patio homes, the easyHouse series, and demand has exceeded expectations. “Low-maintenance, main floor living in Boulder County? Buyers love it,” says Fink.

And Boulder Creek expects a similar response as they announce the upcoming launch of the townhomes at Brennan by the Lake.

As remarkable as that may sound, that’s just where the story starts. Not only is Boulder Creek building townhomes in Erie, they’re building townhomes that redefine the entire concept of what a townhome can be.
Boulder Creek calls them “yourHouse.” The same design has been met with huge success at other Boulder Creek communities, and now it’s available in Erie, too. What makes yourHouse different from a standard townhome?
“It offers more versatility than any other townhome in the market,” Fink said.

He’s not kidding. The four floorplans in the yourHouse series offer an amazingly wide range of configurations – catering to a plethora of different living styles. The collection at Brennan showcases two different main floor master bedroom designs, with additional bedrooms, a bathroom, and loft space tucked away upstairs.

The more traditional two-story yourHouse designs take the flexibility of the series even further.

The ground floor can be laid out in three distinct configurations: a tandem three-car garage, a conditioned storage space, or a bedroom suite or office. The three-car garage is a great option for families with multiple vehicles, recreational crafts, sporting and outdoor equipment, or the need for an indoor workshop. This additional space is virtually unheard of in a townhome. What if you don’t have three cars? There are two other practical options. A portion of the ground floor space can be walled off and used for storage. Or that same space can be converted to an additional bedroom suite or in-home office. In either case, buyers will be able to personalize the ground floor to meet their needs.

The townhomes at Brennan by the Lake are low-maintenance

The homes at Brennan by the Lake are low-maintenance allowing more time
to enjoy nearby Thomas Reservoir, open space and the Erie Community Center.

If you’ve considered a townhome in the past, you’re no doubt familiar with the classic floorplan. They tend to be long, narrow, and fairly dark due to a lack of windows. While there’s a certain efficiency to that design, it leaves a lot to be desired. After all, who wants to live in a home that feels almost like a tunnel or a cave?

By contrast, yourHouse homes all feature a wide-set floorplan that capitalizes on both natural light and open space creating a much more welcoming feel. Gone is the traditional townhome design –long, narrow and dark. The difference is so dramatic that buyers often call attention to it, commenting that yourHouse doesn’t feel like a townhome at all. As Fink observed, yourHouse homes “live quite a bit different.”

That, more than anything else, is the Boulder Creek difference. Boulder Creek’s core philosophy is that your home plays a major role in your life. The place you hang your hat has a significant impact on your day-to-day routine. Boulder Creek aims to build homes that enhance lifestyle, enabling buyers to live the kind of lives they truly want.

To that end, the yourHouse homes at Brennan by the Lake have been crafted to make the very best possible use of available space. The bedroom suites are generous. The living, kitchen and dining areas flow together to create a warm, inviting environment. Boulder Creek even includes generous outdoor living areas to appreciate those warm summer evenings.

And as if all that weren’t enough, they’re built by Boulder Creek. Here’s why that matters.

First, like all Boulder Creek homes, the homes at Brennan by the Lake are low-maintenance. According to their market research, Boulder Creek estimates the average home owner spends 6-8 hours per week doing exterior household maintenance chores like yard work and snow removal. Residents at Brennan by the Lake won’t have to hassle with any of that because almost all of the outdoor maintenance is managed on behalf of the homeowner the impact on lifestyle is profound. Think of all the ways you’d rather spend your weekends. All the fun, fulfilling, and engaging things you could be doing besides slinging a shovel or pushing a mower. With a yourHouse home, your free time is free again.

Second, these homes are built to some of the highest standards in the industry. Fink was able to list many ways Boulder Creek exceeds industry standards. It’s so much it may even seem like overkill, but Fink explained their commitment to excellence. “That’s a big part of low-maintenance,” he said. When there are fewer issues with the construction-related elements of the home, owners can focus their time, energy, and budget on things they enjoy.

Finally, Boulder Creek’s homes are some of the most energy efficient homes around. Fink was proud to share the most recent numbers, saying, “A Boulder Creek home is over 40% more energy efficient than the typical home in the U.S. today.” He added, “The only way our homes would be more energy efficient is if they were solar.”

That’s no small thing. Energy efficiency is good for the planet, and good for your pocket book. If you’re buying a new home, there’s simply no reason to go with one that isn’t constructed with energy efficiency in mind.

When it comes to new homes in Erie, Brennan by the Lake certainly stands out. If you’ve considered a new lifestyle with fewer chores and more free time, Boulder Creek may just be the builder for you. The interest list for the yourHouse townhomes is currently building now. Sales for the easyHouse patio homes (starting in the low $400s) continue to move quickly. To learn more, contact Boulder Creek’s dedicated Online Sales Concierge – Jennifer Edewaard. Jennifer can sign you up on the yourHouse interest list, and provide more information regarding home sales at this beautiful Erie neighborhood. Visit or call 720.548.2820.

By A. Martin, At Home. Photos by Boulder Creek Neighborhoods