By Moria Woodruff, At Home. Photography by Boulder Creek Neighborhoods

Finding the perfect new home in today’s current housing market isn’t easy. Between rising prices and maintenance costs, it can be a struggle to find a home that meets your needs around price, location and layout in a market that is increasingly in demand. That’s why many buyers in the area are turning to award-winning local homebuilder Boulder Creek Neighborhoods when they are ready to make a change in their lifestyle.

What does Boulder Creek Neighborhoods have to offer that makes them unique in today’s competitive market? In the words of David Gregg, Boulder Creek’s resident architect, the answer is a whole new approach to home and lifestyle. “As an architect and designer, I’ve spent a lot of time learning about the easy living features that allow our buyers to live in a home that works for their needs,” says Gregg. That requires a careful consideration of space, efficiency and convenience. Enter Boulder Creek Neighborhood’s core philosophy: homes designed to provide a low-maintenance lifestyle.

For each of Boulder Creek’s patio homes, townhomes and signature wee-Cottages® across the Front Range, low-maintenance features are a key component of not only the communities, but also of the homes themselves. “We’re finding diverse motivations in a broad demographic of people who are attracted to this lifestyle,” says Gregg. Whether buyers are looking for less maintenance, main floor living, increased mobility, or even a boost in free time, Boulder Creek’s homes provide many features that give homeowners the flexibility they want in a home and community.

Indeed, flexibility is becoming increasingly important to homebuyers. Many people – at all stages in life – are looking for ways to reduce the time and effort required to maintain a large house. And, as Gregg says, Boulder Creek Neighborhoods provides an alternative: “We strive to provide value not only in the home, but also in the lifestyle.” This means more time for homebuyers to spend doing what they love. Since many outdoor maintenance chores are taken care of on the owner’s behalf, time that was once spent on maintenance chores and yard work can now be spent simply enjoying life. Imagine an efficient, yet spacious home where burdensome tasks–mowing grass, shoveling snow, raking leaves – were done for you. What would you do with those extra hours per week? Spend time with friends and family? Travel, ski, or immerse yourself in a new hobby? Those are just a few among the many new activities that Boulder Creek homeowners now have time to enjoy.

Flexibility also comes from a focus on main-floor living. Most Boulder Creek neighborhoods offer homes designed around main-floor living, while some include two-story layouts as well. All of them include features designed to make the owner’s life easier, such as open floor plans, wider doorways, fewer stairs, and even raised outlets that are easier to reach. Experienced buyers looking to downsize often find these features essential to maintaining an active and independent lifestyle, as it can be tiring to go up and down the stairs several times a day to access the bedroom, laundry room, study and other daily necessities. Architect David Gregg says all of these features make it easy to move around the home: “They work well for active seniors, like the recently retired. A lot of younger seniors are starting to see their elderly parents move in with them, so they’re good for multi-generational families as well.”

Another sought after feature where Boulder Creek is on trend is home size. Down-sizing is a growing trend nationwide and locally, with many buyers seeking smaller homes that are cleverly designed to fit their lifestyles. This is where Boulder Creek Neighborhood’s philosophy of “right-sizing” rings true. As Gregg points out, “There are a growing number of people who are aware of – and concerned about – the amount of income that it takes to buy a typical home in our current market.” Furthermore, “housing pricing and sizes continue to grow” . According to Gregg, the average size of a home in the 1950s was approximately 900 square feet – quite a bit smaller than today’s average size of 2400 square feet. Many homeowners are tired of the upkeep required in their 3000 to 5000 square foot family homes, and most find larger homes are simply too cumbersome for their evolving needs. In contrast, Boulder Creek Neighborhoods suggests buyers move away from asking themselves how much house they can afford, and instead ask themselves how much they need. Gregg says that this can be especially rewarding, because as homebuyers “right-size their home, they are right-sizing their mortgage, too.”

And it is those people who are looking to “right-size” their lifestyles and move toward something with less maintenance that Gregg finds most rewarding to serve. “Whether it’s the senior-friendly patio homes or the innovative new wee-Cottages®, it’s providing a housing opportunity for people that lack choices in the market.” By offering durable and efficient homes that save them energy and repair costs and a Lifestyle Association that takes care of a lot of outdoor maintenance chores, Boulder Creek homeowners have more choices – and free time – to live their ideal lifestyles.

Currently, Boulder Creek offers two series of low-maintenance homes at The Lakes at Centerra in Loveland: easyHouse, ranch-style patio homes starting in the mid-$300s and the innovative wee-Cottages with only a few remaining under $300,000. The builder also has communities across the Front Range with prices from the high $200s to over $800k in areas including Louisville, Superior, Erie, Longmont, Thornton, Aurora, Loveland and Denver.

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