Don Brown and his wife, Susan, are about to make a significant move. Their current home is over 4,000 square-feet big. It’s a stunning house, really. And yet, they’re about to leave it, swapping out for a home nearly one-fourth the size.

“We lived in our dream house,” Brown said of the larger home. “And that was great. For a while.”

The Browns discovered what so many home buyers learn. A big house comes with some big downsides. For starters, the yard was huge. All that space, which was nice in its own right, meant a lot of lawncare. And that’s just the outdoor maintenance.

Inside, Brown said there were whole rooms he and Susan never really took advantage of. “We got tired of paying for and maintaining and heating and cooling a bunch of rooms we just walk through and never use,” he explained.

It was time for a change. They knew they wanted something smaller, something that would require less maintenance and allow for more free time.

Plus, the couple also own a home in Alaska, where their son and his wife live. Don takes regular trips to visit, his time out of town ranging from weeks to months. Whether Susan stays here in Colorado or joins him, they didn’t want to have to worry about their home while gone.

Some would say they were looking to downsize, but that’s not the phrase the folks at Boulder Creek use. At Boulder Creek Neighborhoods, the phrase is “right-sizing,” and it means something more.

The award-winning homebuilder specializes in crafting homes that facilitate a lifestyle shift. After all, who wants to spend hours a week just taking care of the house? Wouldn’t it be better to live in a home that makes the life you want possible rather than creating more chores, essentially holding you back?

The philosophy at Boulder Creek is that your home can simplify your life. It can and should be a part of your dreams, not stand in the way of them. And that’s what the Browns were looking for.

“We didn’t know we’d buy in this area,” Don said. When he and Susan started looking, they knew what they wanted—a low-maintenance home with smaller square-footage, but one that didn’t feel like “trading down.” The local market is robust, so they knew those kinds of homes were out there, but they were understandably concerned about how much they’d have to pay to have the home they wanted.

“We didn’t think, frankly, we’d get that at the price we got it for,” he said.

Don worked in real estate for more than 30 years, so he’s no stranger to the process of house hunting. Dubious though he was, he began to search, and that’s when he came across Boulder Creek Neighborhoods. He was, in his words, “immediately interested.”

There are several Boulder Creek communities along the Front Range, but it was The Lakes at Centerra that caught the Browns’ eyes. In part, that’s because the neighborhood has a lot to offer. But it was also because Boulder Creek recently released a new home series there: the wee-Cottage®.

With new home sizes and prices continuing to increase, those looking to “right-size”, like the Browns, are often left with little or no options.  The driving force behind the design of Boulder Creek’s wee-Cottage® is to offer a home with a smaller footprint and a smaller price tag, without giving up style, comfort, and livability.

Inside wee-Cottage, the layouts feel open and spacious, with more than enough room for daily activities. And, like all Boulder Creek homes, many outdoor maintenance chores are managed on the owner’s behalf.

What makes the wee-Cottage really unique, though, is the square-footage, which ranges from 896 to 1,155 square-feet. There are two wee-Cottage designs. One is a two-story floorplan, and the other is a single-story ranch style home with a two-car garage.

As if all that weren’t enough, the wee-Cottages at Centerra have the advantage of an amazing location, as well.

The Lakes at Centerra is a beautiful, diverse neighborhood. In the same community, you’ll find large, homes and smaller cottages. There are residents at all stages of life. It’s a thriving spot, full of energy and life.

That’s something the Browns really wanted. “For us, it’s a great balance,” Don said. “We’re in an active community we can be a part of.”

The Lakes at Centerra is also home to the High Plains Environmental Center. Susan loves to garden, so she’s excited about the community plots available there, as well as opportunities to volunteer. The Center is in walking distance of the Browns’ new home.

Another perk at Centerra is the network of trails in and around the neighborhood. Don and Susan like to cycle, so they plan to take full advantage of the trail system. With two lakes on the property, there’s no shortage of natural beauty.

“That combination,” Don said, “being in touch with nature, but you still have the grocery store,” that’s what made Centerra so appealing. There are dozens of retail and dining options only minutes away, giving residents all the benefits of big city living without the bustle. Or, as Don put it, “It doesn’t feel urban. It feels convenient.”

While Don’s experience in real estate is extensive, this was his introduction to buying from Boulder Creek Neighborhoods. How did the seasoned insider feel about Boulder Creek’s build quality and customer service?

“They know what they’re doing,” he said.

He described the sales process as informative and honest, without any high-pressure tactics. Both he and Susan found the Boulder Creek team to be open and easy to work with. When they had questions, they got answers. “They made the process as simple as it can be,” he said, adding, “I trust them.”

Admittedly, the Browns’ search is a different approach to house hunting. For years, the standard wisdom has been that larger homes are better and more valuable. But is that really what will suit your needs?

What if you could live in a comfortable, right-sized home and have the lifestyle you’ve always wanted? And what if you could have that right now?

With Boulder Creek, you can. The wee-Cottage makes low-maintenance living a real possibility, especially if you’re shopping for something slightly smaller – both in the size and in the investment.

Don was, himself, adamant. “I would encourage anyone who’s considering buying a home, this is a good time.” An experienced pro, he feels good about current interest rates, and great about what Boulder Creek has to offer.

“Get out there and see if you can make it happen,” he said. Now that’s some sound advice.

If the wee-Cottage® concept is something that interests you, it’s worth getting in touch with the Boulder Creek team.  At press time, more than half of the wee-Cottage homes had already found owners. With prices starting in the mid $200s, the idea is clearly striking a chord. For more information about Boulder Creek Neighborhoods or The Lakes at Centerra, call 720-506-2448 or visit

By A Martin, At Home