Brennan by the Lake

Brennan by the Lake features Boulder Creek’s popular easyHouse – a series of
ranch-style homes that focus on what the builder calls the “art” of easy living.

ERIE – Mike and Jean Huss have an unusually long history with local homebuilder Boulder Creek Neighborhoods. “We’ve been following Boulder Creek for about five years,” Mike said.

The first time they walked into a Boulder Creek home, they liked it. The attention to detail, the quality of the build, the floor plans – almost everything about the homes. However, there were a couple of things that just didn’t work for them at the time. And so they waited.   

Their patience has recently paid off with their purchase of one of the first homes at Boulder Creek’s newest low-maintenance neighborhood, Brennan by the Lake. Located on the Boulder County side of Erie, Brennan features Boulder Creek’s popular easyHouse – a series of ranch-style homes that focus on what the builder calls the “art” of easy living.

For them, easyHouse was perfect. As Jean explained, “We’re retired now and we wanted something with less stairs, and no maintenance.”

Of course, main floor living is just one of the design elements that caught their attention. There are little details from the baseboards to the ceiling that make an easyHouse stand apart. For example, the halls and doorways are all wide set. The countertops in the kitchen and bathroom have been slightly raised. The outlets on the walls are positioned marginally higher – not enough to look odd, but enough to make them easier to reach. All over the home there are features that make it a more comfortable space, easier to navigate and more pleasant to relax in.

Speaking of relaxation, another big draw for Mike and Jean was the low-maintenance lifestyle.  Like all of Boulder Creek’s neighborhoods, homeowners at Brennan by the Lake can leave the hassles of yard care and exterior maintenance behind, as those chores are managed on their behalf.   Without the obligation of chores like snow removal and lawn mowing, Boulder Creek estimates that the average home owner will get back 6 to 8 hours of time each week. That’s epic.

The Huss’s reasons for seeking out a low maintenance home just make sense. “We’re getting older,” Jean said. While she and Mike are both still very active, neither is particularly excited about the prospect of spending free time taking care of the house. But there’s another appeal to the low-maintenance lifestyle.

Brennan by the Lake

Just west of County Line Road and north of Thomas Reservoir, Boulder Creek has taken great care to fold the layout of the neighborhood into the surrounding area.

“We like to get away in the winter,” Mike said. With their low-maintenance easyHouse, if Mike and Jean want to take off for a warmer climate, even on a moment’s notice, they can. They don’t have to arrange for a house sitter, or make sure someone will be coming by to shovel, mow or tend to the house in any way.

As if all that weren’t enough, there’s also location to consider. Longtime residents of Erie, they were determined to stick to the area they call home. “There’s a lot of building in Erie right now,” Jean said, “But it’s very difficult to find a low- maintenance community.” Thankfully, Brennan by the Lake is that and a whole lot more.

Just west of County Line Road and north of Thomas Reservoir, Boulder Creek has taken great care to fold the layout of the neighborhood into the surrounding area. The end result is a community that flows with the surrounding natural beauty rather than competing against it. There will be walkways and trails for both hiking and biking, and the entire neighborhood is conveniently located with easy access to Boulder.

While that’s an impressive list of amenities, both for the home and for the community, one might still wonder why they held out for a Boulder Creek home. Five years is a long time to house hunt. Boulder Creek is a nationally recognized builder for good reasons, but they aren’t the only qualified home builder in the state. Why insist
on waiting?

“We know they build an excellent product,” Jean said, adding, “We were impressed by their staff.”

Buying a home can be an exhausting process. It’s an enormous investment, and the very idea of the process is terrifying to many. The Huss’s have seen a lot of Boulder Creek homes and have had more than enough time to do their homework on the builder. They feel completely confident the home they’re buying is solid. That’s assurance worth waiting for.

The other aspect of buying a new home is the people you work with during the process, and this is one more area where Boulder Creek shines. When asked about the Boulder Creek staff, Mike was impressed. “They’re just good people,” he said. Throughout the process they were kind, patient and enthusiastic. “They’re just as excited about us getting the house as we are!” he said.

If all of this sounds like something that might be up your alley – you’re not alone.  Boulder Creek opened sales in the neighborhood just over a week ago, and has already sold through twelve of the 66 easyHouse home sites. “The response has really been overwhelming,” says Boulder Creek Vice President of Sales Brian Fink. Fink goes on to say, “Both the location and the homes are really striking a chord with homebuyers.” 

Construction is only just underway at Brennan by the Lake, with completed models anticipated this fall. But, according to Fink, “The really neat thing is that buyers have the chance to tour the easyHouse floorplans now.” He’s referring to the easyHouse neighborhood located just north of Erie in Loveland, at The Lakes at Centerra. The Lakes features several of the easyHouse designs also being offered at Brennan, and has been a popular spot for those considering the Erie neighborhood.  If the neighborhood’s current popularity is any indication, this is not one of those times to take a “wait and see” approach. If you’re in the market for a low-maintenance lifestyle in the Erie area, you should act now.

For more information about Brennan by the Lake, visit today.

By A. Martin, At Home. Renderings provided by Boulder Creek Neighborhoods.