Brennan by the Lake

Andrew and Amanda Kelsey and their two college-age children moved from Lafayette to Brennan by the Lake just about a month ago, seeking a nice downsize patio home, room for the kids’ visits home, and a permanent vacation from maintenance.

Tucked into the southeast corner of 119th St. and Erie Parkway in Erie, Brennan by the Lake is so well designed that it seems to melt into its environment, just yards from Thomas Reservoir. Trees, parks and open space abound in this budding Boulder County neighborhood, featuring low-maintenance homes from award-winning homebuilder Boulder Creek Neighborhoods. The two series of homes at Brennan by the Lake are causing more than a stir – let’s call it a scramble – amongst homeowners looking to downsize, revitalize and leave outdoor maintenance chores behind. At press time, only 34 patio homes in the entire development and only two current-phase townhomes are still available.

So, why the scramble? Boulder Creek is known for their signature style of main floor, low-maintenance living. The builder is consistently tuned into market trends, listening to buyers’ needs, and offering innovative home designs in Boulder County, and beyond. Brennan features the popular easyHouse series – homes dedicated to the art of main floor living. These homes are drawing interest from downsizers in Boulder, Louisville and Lafayette. They recognize the value in finding a home that perfectly suits the needs of a buyer who no longer requires the large family home, in a location that offers much more than they expect.

Erie is a vibrant, growing community with equal parts charm and modernity, convenient to Boulder and Denver and I-25. If you’ve spent any time in the Erie’s historic downtown, you know why the town is gaining in popularity and becoming the next “it” location for homeowners. Amazing restaurants, brewpubs, and parks are everywhere. The award-winning Erie Recreation Center offers classes and activities for fitness enthusiasts and beginners alike., Thomas Reservoir offers Brennan by the Lake residents biking, fishing, walking and relaxing instead of cutting grass or shoveling snow.

The Kelsey Family: Happy Homeowners
Andrew and Amanda Kelsey moved from Lafayette to Brennan by the Lake just about a month ago, seeking a patio home with room for the kids’ visits home, and a vacation from many outdoor maintenance chores. Andrew’s experience as a trade partner of Boulder Creek Neighborhoods prior to his home purchase demonstrates the type of fan following that the builder enjoys. He recently took time for a conversation with At Home about his family’s new home.

AH: Can you say a few words about your experience as a homebuyer with Boulder Creek Neighborhoods?
AK: Boulder Creek Neighborhoods was very helpful throughout the entire process. Sales, design, legal, warranty and construction all have been great and prompt.

AH: What are some things you love about your home and the neighborhood?
AK: Efficient space. There’s a great kitchen and a nice lot layout with our neighbors. We love the three-car garage. The home systems work wonderfully.

AH: What drew you to Erie and Brennan by the Lake?
AK: It’s a growing area with potential for equity growth. The Erie recreation center is nearby and we like the closeness to I-25 and Boulder.

AH: In what way is your home a reflection of your lifestyle?
AK: It’s a beautiful place to live with less outdoor maintenance so that we can travel and play.

AH: What else do you want our readers to know about your homebuying experience?
AK: As a design partner with Boulder Creek Neighborhoods (BCN), and now a buyer, I am completely thrilled with the BCN product and service. My company is lucky to be partnered with BCN and I can’t say enough about being a BCN buyer!

Mr. Kelsey’s comments reflect the values of so many residents at Brennan by the Lake. They travel often. They enjoy their free time. They are seeking flexible floor plans and efficient use of “right-sized” living spaces. Many have moved from larger homes requiring considerable upkeep inside and out. Brennan by the Lake takes that burden off the homeowner so that their time obligations can be better aligned with their priorities.

Boulder Creek’s easyHouse patio homes reflect the lifestyles of their owners. Seven floor plans make main floor living a breeze. Access to the master bedroom, laundry room, and more living areas is a stair-free affair. If you are in need of more space, the neighborhood offers several plans with an optional second floor – additional living areas mean kids and guests enjoy their privacy, and the three-car garage is easily one of the most popular options available.

Not to be outshined, the yourHouse townhomes at Brennan by the Lake also feature main-floor living floor plans with available double master suites, up to four bedrooms and, of course, three-car garages.

The homes at Brennan by the Lake sell themselves. They’re energy-efficient, well designed, and beautiful. It’s the less tangible concept of finally having the free time to simply relax that seals the deal. And that’s no accident. That’s a direct result of Boulder Creek Neighborhoods commitment to a low-maintenance lifestyle; listening to what people want and delivering it. Whether it’s at the community park, Thomas reservoir, or the homes themselves, life at Brennan by the Lake is intended to provide you with the freedom to enjoy life more.

Add up the time you spend working in the yard, toiling to mow, aerate, and fertilize your lawn, pick up leaves, and shovel snow, and then imagine yourself spending that time enjoying your family, your home and the natural beauty that surrounds it. At Brennan by the Lake, the land dictates the layout of the neighborhood, not the other way around. The maintenance that once bogged you down will be a thing of the past. And the rest is up to you.

Stop by Brennan by the Lake to meet sales team members Micah Davidson and Donna Lu Gamberg and enjoy a proper introduction to this stunning neighborhood. But don’t delay – at press time, less than half of the easyHouse patio homes remain. 689 Brennan Circle, Erie; 720.548.2820;

By Darren Thornberry, At Home. Photography by Timothy Seibert.

Brennan by the Lake

The Erie rec center is darn-near a fitness Mecca, and Thomas Reservoir sees Brennan by the Lake residents biking,
fishing, walking and relaxing instead of cutting grass or shoveling snow. (Photo: Boulder Creek Neighborhoods).