Equity Colorado Real Estate Team

The team of real estate agents at Equity Colorado-Front Range. (Photo by Jonathan Castner)

Equity Colorado Front Range Team

The Equity Colorado-Front Range Team

NIWOT – Savvy home buyers and sellers as well as real estate agents are choosing Equity Colorado-Front Range as their real estate firm. Thanks to Equity’s revolutionary fee structures, where the agents take home the bulk of their earnings, clients and the agents who serve them benefit as never before.

Managing Broker Nancy Umbreit says, “After seven years here, we have shot up to 85 agents in the Niwot office alone. Our fee structure allows agents to keep more of their commissions in their pocket, while still providing an exceptional level of service and consultation to buyers and sellers of Colorado real estate.”

Equity Colorado now has over 500 agents statewide, including Front Range and 3 offices in Denver as well as Colorado Springs and Summit County.

Equity offers unique benefits
“Realtors with an Equity office keep a higher amount of commission from each sale, which gives them more resources to spend promoting all their listings as well as increased personal income,” Umbreit explains. “Agents only pay $59 each month for office support, and a flat $499 commission when they sell a property – as opposed to the 30-50 percent of their commission that many agents pay a larger, traditional firm. We provide each agent with a free website, contract software to quickly generate all the forms they need, Errors and Omission insurance, and SharperAgent presentation and marketing materials as well as many other tools.” In addition, Umbreit is a full-time manager who works almost 24/7 answering Equity agents’ questions.

An Equity Colorado agent who loves her job
Monica Zweck has been an agent with Equity Colorado for three years, working with buyers and sellers.  “I was working before for a big corporation,” she says. “Nancy genuinely wanted to recruit me and was there for me when my company was bought out. I liked the style of Equity Colorado and everything about it. It is the wave of the future, letting each person run their business the way they want, and giving support in every way when I needed it – education, experience of the office as a whole, camaraderie.

“It’s truly your own business. You make decisions that benefit you and your client; upper management and Nancy back us, make suggestions if we ask. As agents, we are able to make our own independent decisions, and have amazing support from the home office. Clients appreciate knowing that we really do have such a large resource of talent and knowledge to consult with if we need to.”

She adds, “Equity Colorado benefits, too: they are very successful and are gaining momentum in the real estate field. It’s the future of real estate, and they’ve done it ahead of time. I wish I had known about it a long time ago.”

Zweck says she is very conscientious about communication, because real estate is a team effort. “Honesty is so important. The process can get long and complicated, but I just take it one step at a time and lead the client through it. My clients come first. I love what I do, and I work where I live.”

Most of her clients come from referrals by other previous clients. “Many of them are at the point in their lives where they want to downsize and this has become an area of specialty for me. I even help organize estate sales to help them prepare for a move. I also stress the importance of getting pre-qualified with a lender that you will like to work with. As a former lender, I know how this can really make the difference between getting your offer accepted or losing to another offer.”

Lenders like working with Equity Colorado
Lauri Larson, a mortgage loan officer at Elevations Credit Union in Boulder, says, “The real estate agent is often called upon to provide the buyer with contact information for a good mortgage lender. Equity agents know it’s so important to work with a lender who not only helps the buyer be approved for a loan, but more importantly, helps them structure the loan to fit within their budget and grow their financial wealth.

“The agents I work with at Equity Colorado are sharp, and they work hard on their client’s behalf. I enjoy working together with them as a team to look out for the buyer’s best interests. It’s so important to Equity agents to help meet their buyer’s needs, rather than just sell them a home.  Equity agents take good care of their clients – whether they are first-time buyers or veteran homeowners.”

Contact Equity Colorado
Equity Colorado-Front Range is always looking for new agents to join their office. Contact Nancy at303.579.0970 or e-mail [email protected]. To learn more about working with Equity Colorado in buying or selling your home, call Nancy Umbreit at 303.579.0970, or visit the office at 263 2nd Ave., #106A, Niwot (by appointment). You can also e-mail Nancy at [email protected]. Visit Equity Colorado online at EquityColoradoRealEstate.com.

Kudos from an Equity Colorado customer

Jill and Bill Hammel have worked with Equity Colorado-Front Range agent Maggie Cotreau through several transactions. “We owned a property in Estes Park and when it was time to sell, we decided to work with Maggie to list it,” says Jill Hammel. “She has a gift in knowing how to stage a property for sale and we quickly received two offers.”

The Hammels also worked with Cotreau to buy another home in Estes Park. “She really listened to what we wanted. She stayed within our budget and desires for the home. She was always available and responsive and worked hard to put the deal together in a quickly moving market,” Jill says.

“We anticipate buying our retirement home in about five years and plan to work with her then, too. We’ve been nothing but thrilled. She is kind, professional, and takes the time to explain everything. Signing online documents can be a little intimidating, but she walked us through every step.”

Equity Colorado delivers generous benefits to agents and customers

Benefits to agents
– Low fees
– Independence in running own business, very limited meetings
– Extensive educational opportunities on current issues
– Manager available 10 to 12 hours per day and seven days a week with 26 years of experience

Benefits to clients
– Increased time for staging, open houses and advertising
– Able to create specific customized marketing plan better utilizing the agent’s skills and team members
– Agents prepared to consult with clients on more of the current issues, including fracking, flooding, insurance and formaldehyde
– Agents don’t have to operate in the dark; they can always reach their manager for guidance and creative ideas if needed

By Judy Finman, At Home