Northern Colorado Air celebrates 25 years as your local heating expert by offering high-efficiency, high-tech options 

Northern Colorado Air can help you manage your in-home climate and save money with a high-efficiency system this winter. (Tim Seibert/At Home)

FORT COLLINS – Since, we’re still enjoying seasonably warm daytime temperatures here in Northern Colorado, you probably aren’t giving your home heating system much thought. But pretty soon, we’ll all be reaching for the thermostat. Before you fire up your furnace and the heating bills that come with it, perhaps it’s time to consider an efficiency upgrade. With advances in both units and technology, newer systems save you energy, money, and headaches.

Today’s furnaces are built to higher standards than ever before. Even heating systems that were built several years ago don’t deliver the same performance and cost savings that a new high-efficiency unit can, explains Janelle Zebell, marketing manager for Northern Colorado Air.

Whether your home is a brand new construction or a stately Victorian, it can make a lot of sense to invest in a high efficiency system that brings your climate control into the more tech-savvy future.

The Lennox SLP98  is an excellent example of a new system that maximizes the volume of warm air captured during each heating cycle.

“I just had one installed in my own home,” Zebell says. “The ‘98’ in the name means it’s 98 percent efficient. I never thought I would geek out about something like a furnace, but this one is something special.”

The new furnace replaced an older tried-and-true Lennox model that was 30 years old—still working, but much less efficient.

Zebell laughs, “It’s kind of a funny story, but we figured out that “Griff” Griffin, our retired owner, actually installed my old furnace in my 1987 house. I guess that goes to show how much history and experience we have here in the HVAC industry.”

How does a high efficiency furnace work, anyway?

Most standard heaters use a single primary heat exchanger that delivers about 80 percent efficiency. This means that when the burners light up, 80 percent of the heated air goes into your house and 20 percent exits out of your home through an exhaust vent. The temperature of this exhaust air can exceed 375 degrees. Why would you want to send that usable heat outside?

Now compare this to a high efficiency furnace that delivers 93 to 98 percent efficiency, keeping more of the heat you’re paying for where it belongs—in your home.

The difference is in the advanced dual heat exchanger design. The primary exchanger captures most of the heat, but then it takes an additional pass through a second stainless steel exchanger. By the time the exhaust air from a high efficiency system reaches the exhaust vent it’s only  around 95 degrees – a vast improvement that saves on utility bills and natural resources.

Wi-Fi thermostats, like the iComfort, allow users to control their heating and cooling remotely. (Tim Seibert/At Home)

Where does high-tech fit in?

High-tech complements high-efficiency by allowing you more finite control over the system. Getting comfortable is getting easier with systems like the new iComfort remote management thermostat.

Along with the thermostat, Lennox is rolling out the new iComfort digital app, designed to let you control your home’s heating and cooling systems remotely using your smartphone or tablet.

Owners can log in, adjust settings and check that everything is running correctly, whether from their bedroom, their office or a vacation condo in Florida.

Should there be a problem, the iComfort tool also allows your Lennox service department to run remote diagnostics tests that save time on repairs and obtaining parts.

The savings don’t end there, either. You may also qualify for rebates when you upgrade to a new high efficiency unit. Ask your Northern Colorado Air representative for more information.

What are you waiting for?

Northern Colorado Air was recognized as a premier dealer by Lennox in 2016. (Tim Seibert/At Home)

Locally owned and operated Northern Colorado Air is celebrating its 25th year serving the Front Range corridor, from Boulder north to Wellington, Estes Park east to Greeley.

Being among the top 10 percent of about 17,000 Lennox dealers in the nation qualifies the company for greater discounts, which are passed along to their customers. The technicians understand the latest heating technologies and how to get the highest level of performance out of each system.  They are ready to provide an expert consultation and determine the most appropriate system based on your home’s size, design, and your usage patterns.

“Some people ask us for the biggest and the best unit,” Janelle Zebell says. “We’ll always give you the best, but the biggest isn’t always necessary. And we will never sell you something you don’t need.”

Stay warm this fall and save!

New or not, maintaining your system is key. Schedule an $89 furnace check today by calling 970.223.8873. The call takes 45 minutes to one hour, and includes a thorough inspection, cleaning and test run.

Like Zebel says, “Furnaces are machines, with plenty of moving parts. Like all machines, they require regular maintenance to deliver their best performance. We always hope for the best, but… well, that’s not always how life works.”


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By L.L. Charles, At Home