Goodacre Real Estate

Working together as a family is classic Goodacre.

Goodacre Real Estate

The high-end homes in this area, and the complexities of such transactions, are Ken and Ben Roth’s bread and butter.

Integrity comes first with Ken and Ben Roth.

Legendary basketball coach John Wooden once said it isn’t what you do, but how you do it.

Ken Roth, managing broker at Boulder real estate firm Goodacre & Company, applies this principle to helpings clients buy and sell their homes. What do you do, he asks, when you’ve spent two months working with someone on purchasing a home, only to see it fall apart? “You don’t push a client too hard toward a sale if they don’t believe it’s in their best interest,” he says. “I treat my clients as if I were the one buying the house.”

That approach has served him well at Goodacre & Company – a Boulder institution since 1975. Working for reputation over revenue sees the firm leading the local market in high-end transactions 42 years after it started.

Roth came into real estate in 2001 after 30 years in manufacturing. In eight weeks, he secured his real estate license and was off to the races. Two years later, he joined Goodacre and has been there ever since. He credits company founder Bill Goodacre’s deep community connections with the company’s longevity and success. “Bill is truly Realtor emeritus,” he says.

The notion that Boulder’s Realtor community is friendly despite the lack of inventory might surprise some. But, Roth explains, that’s not accidental. “We have such good relationships with the other realty offices in town. They all know we’ll hold up our end of the transaction. We help each other out, and that’s different than what you find in some big city markets. Our goal is simple: no drama.”

Ben Roth, Ken’s son, had the real estate bug early on. He got his real estate license at 18, and immediately started working in property management and leasing and, while in college, a showing service. In 2012, Goodacre was retooling its front desk position, looking for someone with both people skills and marketing aptitude. When a great candidate was not coming along, Ken was still somewhat surprised to learn that his own son wanted to give it a shot. “This position is a good fit for me,” Ben says. “I have always been interested in real estate, in houses, in design, and I enjoy the great relationships with clients.”

Five years later, father and son work closely and Ben is preparing to close on his third personal purchase. As a broker associate and marketing guru, he can cover for his dad when he’s out of town and also showcase his marketing and design talents for many of the company’s products.

Working together as a family is classic Goodacre. It’s not something Ken saw coming when he once imagined what he and his sons would do workwise, but that’s what happened. Ken’s son Zach works in manufacturing for Studio Shed in Louisville, and of course Ken himself is a recovering mechanical engineer. They have that connection. With Ben in real estate, Ken passes on his knowledge and work ethic in this industry, too. “It’s very rewarding for me as the managing broker to help move new people along,” Ken says, “and Ben being my son, even more so.”

“I haven’t run him off yet,” Ben chuckles. “It’s been great working with my dad. I have learned a ton from him. His experience is a huge asset to me.”

It’s not all work for the Roth boys, though. That would never work. Ben, a national champion of competitive indoor rock climbing at age 13, got Ken into climbing. They also hit the slopes and hike together. And perhaps the most Boulder thing about them is that they brew beer together. In the garage. In fact, their Belgian double Christmas ale – Bad Santa – is fermenting as you read these words.

Ken can see retirement on the horizon, which in the real estate business doesn’t happen all at once. One slowly steps away. Seeing his son’s passion for real estate and catching glimpses of the integrity he’s tried so hard to pass on, Ken knows he can wind down his business at the right time and everything’s going to be just fine.

But that’s down the road. Today you’ll find this dream team working very hard for their clients. The high-end homes in this area, and the complexities of such transactions, are their bread and butter.

To learn more about how Ken and Ben Roth and Goodacre & Company can assist with your home sale or purchase, simply stop by Goodacre’s office at 2450 Broadway in Boulder or visit You can reach Ken Roth at 720.201.0941 or by e-mail at [email protected]; or Ben Roth at 303.956.5713 or by e-mail at [email protected].


Goodacre Real Estate

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