Patio Homes at Tramonto in Longmont by Boulder Creek Neighborhoods

Turning their attention to a more relaxed take on the day-to-day, long time Boulder area residents Mike and Martha Santoyo realized there were some hassles they could do without. Among them was the upkeep and effort that come with a larger home. (Photo by Timothy Seibert)

LONGMONT – Mike and Martha Santoyo, long time Boulder area residents, have entered a new chapter of their lives. After two successful careers apiece, it’s time to shift gears.

“We’ve officially retired!” Martha said.

Turning their attention to a more relaxed take on the day-to-day, they realized there were some hassles they could do without. Among them was the upkeep and effort that come with a larger home. Sure, big floorplans can be nice, but all that extra square footage means extra work, too. That doesn’t mix well with their relaxation goals.

Mike and Martha like to travel. They’re avid cruise enthusiasts who want to be able to pick up and go without having to make extensive plans for a house sitter. And when they’re in town, they want to be able to maximize downtime while still having the space to entertain friends and out-of-town guests.

Which is why a new, low-maintenance home from Boulder Creek Neighborhoods is a perfect fit for them.

This Weekend, Aug. 27 & 28.
Tour the beautifully appointed Equinox model home and learn about this low-maintenance Boulder Creek Neighborhood.
– Saturday, August 27
– Sunday, August 28
11 a.m. to 6 p.m.[/pullquote]

“We came from a larger home,” Martha says of their previous house. When they started following the market to see what was available, they knew what they wanted. The new house needed to be low-maintenance, and it needed to be just the right size. Big enough to be comfortable, but small enough to easily manage.

“We were tired of going up and down stairs,” Mike said with a laugh.

While keeping their ears to the ground, they came across an article very much like this one. It covered many of the advantages of buying from Boulder Creek, which piqued their curiosity. They visited a couple of Boulder Creek communities, checking out the homes and looking for the right location. Then, tucked away in Southwest Longmont, they discovered Tramonto.

At the time, Tramonto had just been released for pre-sale. They signed the contract on their new home based purely on what they’d seen in models in other communities and the blue prints. That may seem like a bold move, but it’s not that uncommon for Boulder Creek buyers.

The builder has a strong reputation. So much so that pre-construction sales are routine.

When asked what buying during a pre-sale phase was like, Mike and Martha said it was great. “It seemed to flow,” Martha said. The Boulder Creek team made it easy – from choosing right floorplan, the right design options to personalize their home, and even the right location in the neighborhood. “We’re right next to the model!” Mike said, adding, “We were the first people to move in.”

What makes a Boulder Creek home at Tramonto so appealing? For starters, the low maintenance package. Boulder Creek understands the enormous impact your home has on the rest of your life. It’s not just the place you sleep each night. Your home plays a huge role in your overall lifestyle.

The lifestyle offered by a Boulder Creek home is a low-maintenance one. When the Santoyos moved into their home at Tramonto, they were able to leave burdensome chores like snow shoveling and yard maintenance behind. A vast majority of the exterior maintenance for their new home is managed on their behalf.

In practical terms, that means gaining back hours of time each week. Just think of all the fun, relaxing, fulfilling things you could do with your evenings and weekends if you didn’t have to fuss with mowing the lawn or clearing the driveway. That’s a lifestyle change that just makes sense.

Boulder Creek’s floorplans are another powerful example of the kind of difference design can make. Mike and Martha’s ranch style home is laid out so that every room they’ll use on a daily basis is on the main floor. That’s a standard element of all floorplans at Tramonto. Why hike up and down a set of stairs multiple times a day when you could enjoy the comfort and ease of main floor living?

The Santoyos are also excited about the location of their new home. Tramonto is only 15 minutes from downtown Boulder and five minutes from retail and dining options in Longmont. Nestled among several other luxury neighborhoods, Tramonto has the feel of upper-tier without the premium price tag. There’s even a finished park right there in the neighborhood – including beautiful open space and community garden boxes for residents.

Martha said, “The location was unbelievable,” going so far as to call the neighborhood itself “the highest selling point” for them, personally.

Like so many other Boulder Creek buyers, the Santoyos had nothing but positive feedback about the Boulder Creek team. True to their reputation for impeccable customer service, Martha said, “They worked with us. They went above and beyond.”

It’s hard to underestimate the value of that kind of customer service, especially when buying a home. This is a big purchase. Few people will buy anything else as expensive as their home. And, as previously stated, your home effects your lifestyle profoundly. Given the overall impact on both your budget and your contentment, it’s vital that the people who facilitate a home purchase be the kind of folks with whom you enjoy working.

“They really took the time to listen,” Martha said of Boulder Creek staff.

That’s hardly surprising feedback when it comes to Boulder Creek. Few builders are as invested in the actual lives of their buyers. For Boulder Creek team members, this isn’t about producing a product as much as it’s about facilitating fulfilling lives. The only way to make that happen is to pay attention to the details, from the time-freeing exterior maintenance services, to the floorplans, to the customer service approach they take with potential buyers.

All of these details sets Boulder Creek and the neighborhood at Tramonto apart. These aren’t just homes. They’re lifestyle enhancers.

For anyone interested into Tramonto today, there’s great news.  The grand opening of the model home at Tramonto is this weekend – August 27 and 28.  Stop by between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. to tour the beautifully appointed Equinox model home, and learn more about this low-maintenance Boulder Creek neighborhood.

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For more information about Tramonto or to set a personal appointment, visit or stop by the new model home at 4422 Angelina Circle in Longmont this weekend.

By A Martin, At Home. Photography by Boulder Creek Neighborhoods.