Lanterns at Steel Ranch by Boulder Creek Neighborhoods

Ed and Elda Karkut stand in front of their new Lanterns at Steel Ranch Patio Home in Louisville.

LOUISVILLE – Ed Karkut wasn’t entirely sure about a move from Denver. He and his wife, Elda, had been in the same home for 43 years. They raised a family there. They were familiar with the lay of the land, from nearby medical facilities to their favorite theaters downtown.

But their kids and grandchildren live in Louisville. On top of that, the house in Denver was simply more square footage than the two of them needed. It had become a real chore to maintain, and both were ready to enjoy retirement.

Elda admits it was a difficult decision. “The move was hard,” she said.

Not only were they considering relocating, but they were also thinking about a smaller house. That would mean parting with some of what they’ve collected over a lifetime. It’s a big deal to leave what’s familiar, even if the tradeoff is close proximity to the people you love.

But Elda saw the value in moving to Louisville, as did her daughters. Together, they began to convince Ed. Though he agreed to the move, he remained dubious.

Fast forward to present day. “We made the right decision at the right time,” Ed said without a trace of doubt or reservation. “I’m living in a dream house.”

That’s a significant 180. What could have possibly happened in the interim? In three words, Boulder Creek Neighborhoods.

If the Karkuts were going to uproot themselves and move, Ed and Elda knew what they wanted in a new home. Their list was short, but their expectations high.

First and foremost, they wanted a smaller home. Something that would fit better for just the two of them. Something they could easily manage. Second, less maintenance. They have no desire to spend their free time taking care of the house. Finally, the new location would have to be pretty close to ideal.

Lanterns at Steel Ranch by Boulder Creek Neighborhoods

Lanterns is down the final 3 homes ever to be built in the popular Steel Ranch neighborhood.

Let’s start with their first must-have: size. The Boulder Creek approach to home building is surprisingly practical. They aim to provide home owners with the perfect amount of space. Too little, and you feel cramped. Too much, and you’ve wasted your resources.

Ed and Elda used a common phrase to describe what they wanted: “down-sizing.” But that’s not the phrase Boulder Creek uses. Instead, Boulder Creek team likes to call it “right-sizing.” The idea is a home that strikes a balance, providing plenty of generous open space without an unnecessarily large floorplan.

The homes at Lanterns at Steel Ranch, like Ed and Elda’s, are a prime example of this strategy in action. The most critical rooms, like the living room, kitchen, laundry room, and master suite, are all on the main floor of the home. That makes for unparalleled convenience, and completely eliminates the need for multiple hikes up and down the stairs every day.

Additional space, like a family room, guest bedroom, and storage space, are on the fully finished lower level. And because everything has been laid out so well, the homes feel comfortable and welcoming, even for couples who, like the Karkuts, are moving from a considerably larger home.

The second item on Ed and Elda’s list was low maintenance living, and Boulder Creek knocks that one out of the park. Every Boulder Creek home in Lanterns at Steel Ranch offers a low-maintenance lifestyle that covers virtually all of the exterior chores. Ed laughed about giving away his lawn mower. He won’t need it anymore because the yard work is all taken care of for him. Even snow removal is included.

As far as Boulder Creek is concerned, that’s not a “luxury amenity,” but a lifestyle-enhancing feature of their homes. According to Boulder Creek staff, the average home owner spends 6-8 hours a week just taking care of the house. When home owners get that time back, they’re free to do the things they love doing rather than breaking a sweat out in the yard.

The last requirement on the Karkuts’ list was location. Because their kids and grandkids are in Louisville, that’s where they were looking. However, they wanted to be close to retail and dining. They enjoy taking walks, so they wanted to settle into a spot where sidewalks and trails were nearby. And they didn’t feel ready to move into a retirement community. They wanted a neighborhood that has a sense of diversity among residents.

Lanterns at Steel Ranch proved to fit the bill perfectly.


Ed and Elda Karkut stand in the kitchen with Chris Mason, Lanterns Sales Manager.

Everything the Karkuts wanted to be close to is right there. In fact, Lanterns is within walking distance of downtown Louisville, which means there are plenty of restaurants and entertainment venues nearby. Additionally, Steel Ranch is a vibrant community with families of all stages. Just as Ed and Elda had hoped to find, when they take walks they see other active retirees, like themselves, as well as families enjoying the Colorado outdoors. Elda described it as a “really nice, small-knit neighborhood.”

Perhaps that’s why Lanterns at Steel Ranch is so popular. It wasn’t that long ago that Boulder Creek still had a dozen homes available at Lanterns. Currently, only three are left. Furthermore, Lanterns is expected to be the last phase of development at Steel Ranch. For anyone in the market for a new home in Louisville, now is the time to act.

Resale homes in Louisville are known to be in limited supply and high demand, which results in high prices and sometimes questionable value. Lanterns at Steel Ranch offers a refreshing alternative to the ultra-competitive Louisville market. These low-maintenance, ranch-style homes with finished lower levels start in the high $600s, and offer significantly more value than nearby resale homes on the market today.

The friendly folks at Boulder Creek will be only too happy to give you all the information you need to find the home that perfectly fits your lifestyle. As Ed and Elda discovered, working with Boulder Creek makes home buying feel effortless. “The staff really made it as easy as possible,” Elda said.

These final three homes to be built in Steel Ranch are available for move in by the end of this year. If you’d like to learn more about these homes, you can schedule a personal tour by calling 720.636.7279 or visit

These homes won’t be on the market long. Find out why Ed described his new Boulder Creek house as a “dream home” today.

By A Martin, At Home. Photography by Timothy Seibert.

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