The Clarke Vacuum leaves nothing behind through it’s wide cleaning path.

LOVELAND – This season brings with it many things: holiday cheer, warm drinks and family feasts. But it’s not all fun and games, as most homeowners know. The winter months also bring dust. Lots and lots of dust. Which is why now, more than ever, you need a vacuum in your cleaning arsenal that you can truly rely on.

Not many of us remember a vacuum that our family used when we were in our teenage years, but John McCrimmon is different. John owns Mac Equipment with his three brothers, Ronald, Christopher and Clifton. The brothers opened their first Mac Equipment store in Loveland in 1995 and added a Longmont location in 2013. Now in their 22nd year of business, the brothers have developed a reputation for carrying high-quality, effective equipment that they stand behind.

A Memorable Vacuum

When John McCrimmmon was 16, his father brought home a commercial Clarke Company vacuum from his office building. The vacuum, which already had years of heavy use under its belt, stayed with John’s family for 15 more years. “It always did an awesome job,” he says. “We liked that one so much, but we couldn’t find parts for it anymore so we started looking for another Clarke vacuum.” Unfortunately, the Clarke Company predominately supplies commercial clients, so the vacuums weren’t really available for individual sale to homeowners. “We looked around all of the local vacuum stores and we couldn’t find anything that worked like the Clarke,” says John. So, he did what any self-respecting store owner would do: he found a Clarke representative and asked if he could sell the vacuums in his store. “People are spending big money on vacuums and not getting this level of quality,” John says. “We wanted to provide that for them.”

The CarpetMaster 200 Series

The Clarke CarpetMaster 200 Series comes in 12-, 15- and 18-inch widths.

The vacuum that left such an impression on John is Clarke’s CarpetMaster 200 Series upright vacuum. Available in 12-, 15- and 18-inch cleaning paths, the CarpetMaster’s dual motor system is a very important feature, he says. “It has a motor for the brushes and another motor for the vacuum. This gives it more suction and better pick up.” The motor is conveniently located in the base of the vacuum, which ensures a light handle for easier manuevering.

The vacuums are easy to maintain, with a standard HEPA filtration system and a low sound level for quiet, quick cleaning. Another convenient feature of the CarpetMaster vacuums that John emphasizes is the affordable parts, making the vacuum a sustainable addition to any cleaning tool box. “The parts are very reasonably priced,” he says. But perhaps the most appealing and impressive feature of the CarpetMaster series vacuum is its long life. “It is a machine that wll last at least 20 years for a regular homeowner,” says John.

As of now, the only place for individuals to buy these superior vacuums is at Mac Equipment. Mac can also help you maintain your long-lasting Clarke vacuum. “If we don’t have the parts in stock, we can order them,” says John. “They are so simple to work on that owners can probably do it themselves, but we will fix it if they need us to.”

Customers can purchase the 12-inch CarpetMaster for $389, the 15-inch for $479 and the 18-inch for $509 at Mac Equipment. “I would really encourage people to come in and try it,” John says of the CarpetMaster Series 200. “We have demos and they can come try it right on our carpet in the store.”

And For Those Pesky Wine Stains…

Co-owner, John McCrimmon stands in front of Mac Equipment’s Christmas tree for kids in need. Customers can choose a name from that tree, purchase items from that child’s wish list and return the gifts to Mac Equipment for distribution on Christmas.

Dust is not the only villain of the holiday season. Carpet stains present another all-too-common battle at this time of year. Whether it’s a wine spill from your overexcited party guest or a pet stain from your visiting aunt’s senior dog, John recommends the BEXTSpot Pro Carpet Spot Cleaning System, also from the trusty Clarke Company.

The machine features two one-gallon tanks: one for cleaning solution and one for recovery. The recovery tank is removable, allowing for easy dumping and cleaning. The cleaning system includes a 30 PSI pump for powerful deep cleaning and the device’s compact, lightweight design features wheels for easy transportation and storage. The BEXTSpot Pro Carpet Spot Cleaning System is available at Mac Equipment for $395.

Locations and Hours

Mac Equipment
2116 W. 1st St., Loveland, 970.593.9421,
715 S Main St., Longmont, 720.204.6335
Hours (both locations): Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Closed Sunday

By Emma Castleberry, At Home, Photos by Tim Seibert