By L.L. Charles, At Home

Front Range families are getting ready for summer. Soon, we’ll be shutting off our furnaces and starting up the air conditioning. But the staff and technicians at Northern Colorado Air barely have a chance to catch their breath in between the seasons. Smart homeowners are making their appointments now for an annual air condition check up. When the first truly hot day of summer happens, they want to know that they can push that A/C button with confidence.


Jeff Richard and Northern Colorado Air were recently selected as a Premier Dealer Spotlight. He and Marketing and Accounts Coordinator, Jamie Angell (pictured here), are proud of their many distinctions and awards.

Since 1992, Northern Colorado Air has been helping families stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The company also installs and maintains humidifiers and clean-air systems that keep you breathing easy.

“Pre-checking your air conditioner each season is kind of like changing the oil in your car,” Jeff Richard says. “It’s good to make it part of your regular schedule. Not only will you ensure that your AC is running at top performance, but we may discover potential problems before they become costly damage.”

Now is the perfect time to schedule a home appointment, Richard explains. “Right now we’re scheduling home calls just a couple of weeks out. But soon our calendar will start getting filled up. We don’t want you to have to wait longer than you need to stay comfortable this summer,” he adds.

CustomersNorthern Colorado Air’s Precision A/C check up service includes:

  • Replace filter
  • Check electrical connections inside and out
  • Check blower speed
  • Check condensate drain or pump
  • Clean condenser coils and base
  • Oil condenser motor bearings
  • Check compressor and fan motor
  • Check thermostat operation and off cycle and more

Call 970.669.2055 to take advantage of a special $89 Air Conditioner Check-Up and Service (includes new 1” standard filter). Northern Colorado Air services all brands, 24/7!

Take advantage of this Sweet Deal

Through the end of March, you can take advantage of a real Sweet Deal. Just pick either a wi-fi thermostat, a whole-house humidifier, or a whole-house air purification system (any one is a $550 value), then get $400 off of your system of choice, and throw in a $100 gift certificate to Jay’s Bistro or Sugarbeet Restaurant, so you can go celebrate your sweet deal success.

This is the kind of offer that says, “Now is the time to act!” Call 970.223.8873 today to schedule your appointment.

Northern Colorado Air is a Premier Lennox Dealer and one of the largest independent HVAC contractors in northern Colorado. The company is locally owned and operated since 1992. Northern Colorado Air is a proud member of Better Business Bureau, the Chamber, and the Northern Colorado Home Builders Association. For more information on Northern Colorado Air services and products, go

1952 furnace takes the prize in “Cash for the Oldest Clunker” contest

IMG_4136Northern Colorado Air frequently sponsors an “oldest furnace” contest to help homeowners upgrade their heating systems to current efficiency standards. It’s also a fun way to discover some old-school furnaces and appreciate how much has changed since they fired up for the first time.

The winning vintage furnace was a 1952 Mueller Climatrol that belonged to Dennis Burson of Greeley. Burson says that although his old furnace was still working, he wanted to save on his utility bills with a high-efficiency system.

“That old furnace was huge,” says Jeff Richard, Northern Colorado Air’s general manager. “It measured about six by nine feet and put out about 160,000 BTUs,” Richard says, referring to how a furnace’s output is rated. Thanks to insulation upgrades in the home, the old system was replaced by a new one rated at 90,000 BTUs.

IMG_4137Burson received a $750 “Cash for the Oldest Clunker” check as the promotion’s winner. He chose a comprehensive full-house upgrade that included a 95-percent efficiency Lennox Elite Series furnace, a humidifier, new water heater and new air conditioner. Burson reports that the new installations went well and everything is working as he hoped.

“Dennis heard about Northern Colorado Air from a friend, who had a good experience working with us,” Richard says. “We are honored when someone refers one of their friends to us. We always strive to earn that kind of trust with our customers.”