Different types of mulch and landscape rock, perfect for your project, are available at Pioneer Landscape Centers across the Front Range. (Above: Courtesy Pioneer Landscape Centers)

If the dog days of summer seem like the right time to tackle that big landscaping project, look no further for help than Pioneer Landscape Centers. And if 54 years in business, 34 retail outlets and 20 quarry and production facilities isn’t enough to convince you that they’ve got you covered, then perhaps a visit to the company’s newest location in Greeley at 450 E. 16th Street is in order. The word is out with contractors so that location is well stocked with construction aggregate to support the massive growth in Weld County. The Greeley store also stocks and cuts artificial turf onsite and stocks hundreds of water-wise materials to “make beautiful, natural landscaping that won’t impact your water bill,” says Blake Meyer, Pioneer’s director of Northern Colorado sales. “Plus, you get the beauty of Colorado right in your yard.”

Meyer says that Northern Colorado has been a successful area for Pioneer for decades, and with all the growth in Weld County, it makes sense to be there. “Our products are perfect for not only DIYers and landscape professionals, but for infrastructure improvements as a whole…and Weld County is ripe with opportunities.”

Pioneer has been in the landscape industry for five decades, and has not only seen the industry change, but has adapted its product mix and service offerings to best suit its customers (DIYers and professionals). “We pride ourselves on high-quality products that are perfect for water-wise and drought-tolerant landscaping, and work with top vendors and suppliers to ensure our products are on-trend, readily available, and can suit any project,” Meyer explains. “We work closely with our customers to develop service offerings that are most valuable, such as no-contact delivery, fast-lane service (no need to get out of the vehicle when coming to the yard in some cases), online ordering (coming very soon – like maybe next week!), and online statements for quick reordering and to manage invoices and credit memos.”

Fact: DIY homeowners are very welcome and will be taken seriously at Pioneer. Outdoor landscaping and hardscaping can be daunting and we all want to know our questions will be met with good, friendly advice. So if you’re trying to figure out next steps with building materials, turf, rocks, boulders, mulch, soil, and everything else needed to tie together a beautiful new yard, Pioneer is ready to help. The company is committed to on-time delivery, in-stock products, and an exceptional customer experience.

Large hardscape materials, like CMU block and patio pavers, are available at all Pioneer Landscape Centers locations. (Courtesy Pioneer Landscape Centers)

Only at Pioneer

Pioneer produces about 60 percent of the bulk products it sells, including decorative rock, rip rap, boulders, soils, and mulches. Many of the varieties you see around neighborhoods are exclusive to them. With 54 years in the biz, their experts know the process from production and distribution to the retail and delivery process. And with 18 stores in Colorado, five of which are in NoCo, Pioneer can quickly source alternate colors, sizes, and textures of products from other parts of the state, versus its competition. And as Meyer points out, buying in bulk is SUBSTANTIALLY cheaper than buying from a big box store. “Buying from a big box has its perks, but when you can save more than 80 percent on rock pricing compared to them, we’d rather fill up a truck bed and use a wheelbarrow.”


Land along the Front Range is parched. Concerns about water consumption have caused many homeowners to give up a lush green lawn for a xeriscaped landscape. It just makes sense. “Xeriscaping is all about using natural resources to cut down on water usage, and rocks, mulches, and hardscapes are perfect for attaining a xeriscaped space,” says Meyer. “We carry hundreds of products that are natural to Colorado, even northern Colorado, that allow homeowners to not only cut down on water usage, but also surround themselves with the elements that make Colorado so beautiful.”

Is there a common error that most people make when landscaping or building that Pioneer could help them prevent? “Not getting enough!” Meyer says. “It can be overwhelming for DIYers to order products measured in ‘tons’ so we have a materials calculator on our website to help ensure they have the right amount of product for their job, no matter the shape of the project or size and type of material.”

So what happens when you don’t buy enough material up front? “You obviously need to buy more material, but Mother Nature isn’t always consistent–similar to dye lots with carpet, you might get one delivery that came from one part of the mountain, and then a future delivery might come from a different part, and then you have potentially different looking colors of the same product in your yard.”

Don’t sweat it: Pioneer accepts returns, so it’s better to order too much and return what you don’t need. Their store teams can help with calculations, too, since they do lots of math all day. and are very comfortable working on different types of projects, spaces, and materials.

Gravel in all colors and sizes help homeowners get the exact look they want in their landscape.

Community leaders

Pioneer has donated material to the Community Connections Garden in the Thompson Valley School District, sponsored the Berthoud Firefighters, and been a long-time All American Sponsor of the Berthoud Parks & Rec department. The company recently donated material to the City of Lakewood for their new art installation, and has worked with a number of Eagle Scouts over the years to help them complete their community improvement projects. An amazing recent project was working with the all-youth team on landscape architecture and design and providing materials to the St. Charles Park project in Denver in 2021.

One needn’t be a business to take advantage of the great resource that is Pioneer Landscape Centers. They work with homeowners on their projects and ideas every day! “We are your local resource for successful yard projects,” Meyer says. “We can find what you need and get it to you, when and where you need it. Plus, because of our passion for the industry and outdoor projects, even if we can’t sell what you need, we have so many partners in our contractors and with other suppliers that we can definitely point you in the right direction. Your success is our success, and we’d love for every project to start at Pioneer.”

Pioneer Landscape Centers, 450 E. 16th St., Greeley; 303.474.1491; pioneerco.com

By Darren Thornberry for At Home Northern Colorado
Photos by Tim Seibert