Projects Inc., Loveland, COLOVELAND – The one thing that Coloradoans love about their home state is the simple fact that they have the opportunity to spend so much time outside and what better way to do that than in their own backyard.

The Hearth House, an expansion of Projects, Inc., helps homeowners do just that by helping them create, design and build an outdoor living space from the ground up that suits their lifestyle.

[pullquote] “We are all things fire – grills and smokers, fire pits, and this summer fireplaces and stoves.” [/pullquote]

Locally owned and operated, this Loveland business allows homeowners to work closely with father and son team, Steve and Shane Sexton, on outdoor living spaces that include elements such as outdoor kitchens complete with custom built-in grills, fire features, decks and pergolas, flagstone and paver patios, masonry, and more.

Shane and Steve opened Projects, Inc., located at 3228 E. Eisenhower Blvd., in early 2014 and are now entering their third year. This showroom/store allows customers the chance to come and see in-person the sample products that they could have in their own backyard. Not only can customers browse through the store to get ideas, but they can get a free estimate on an outdoor kitchen or purchase grilling accessories. “We strive to carry the latest products in the outdoor living industry and are constantly looking for new products to showcase in the store,” Shane said. “We are all things fire – grills and smokers, fire pits, and this summer fireplaces and stoves.”

Projects Inc., Loveland, COOne such product by Breeo is the Smokeless Wood Burning Fire Pit, which is built with double-walled steeled walls that when they heat up, the air between the walls rises mixing with the smoke causing it to reburn. Because of the reburning process very little smoke escapes out of the walls and into the landscape making the product smokeless.

This year The Hearth House will take its expansion one-step further and will start offering homeowners fire features inside their home, in the form of fireplaces and stoves. These products are just like their other business offerings, they can be custom designed or just purchased straight from the retail store.

While The Hearth House has continued its growth in the Northern Colorado area, the best thing about the business is it has given Steve and Shane the chance to do something great, which is the chance to continue the three generations of craftsmanship and masonry that has become a part of their family legacy.

“My dad was a mason and I grew up in the business,” Steve said “It’s just really neat that we are continuing the trend and that we have three generations working in masonry.

While the family legacy is intact, The Hearth House has gone a step further and can really offer homeowners the chance to create something unique. “We can take them from design to installation,” Shane said. “It’s a one stop shop.”

Projects Inc., Loveland, COAnother benefit of The Hearth House, is that while customers can get an outdoor patio design that is completely custom they can also just come into the retail store and buy a grill or accessories.

Whether you are looking for an upgrade to your outdoor living space or for something new in the home, The Hearth House can offer homeowners the best in fire features. And the best part about it is that according to statistical data the addition of an outdoor patio kitchen can give homeowners as much as 100 to 200 percent return on their investment.

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By Summer McElley for At Home