McLean Smith, Joe Gibbs, Greg Smith.

McLean Smith, Joe Gibbs, Greg Smith. (Photo courtesy: BoulderHomeSource)

In 2023 the real estate market presented a unique set of challenges for sellers, buyers and real estate brokers.  However, thanks to the unwavering dedication and teamwork of the BoulderHomeSource team at RE/MAX Alliance in Boulder, the team positively navigated these challenges and was able to assist over 200 families with their real estate needs during the past year. 

“As our motto states ‘It’s a lifestyle’, and our team has remained committed to providing exceptional service while fully embracing the Colorado way of life,” says McLean Smith, director of marketing and inside sales at
RE/MAX Alliance.  

Since its inception in 1998, BHS has achieved remarkable milestones with more than a billion dollars in sales, and has evolved into one of the top 25 real estate teams in the country due to its dedicated team of agents working in unison to provide their clients with unparalleled customer service.  

Originated by Greg Smith and Cyndy Hinkelman-Smith, BHS began when Greg and Cyndy were brainstorming for a name for their website. Back then the concept of an online real estate platform was cutting edge! However, Greg and Cyndy were more interested in branding the area they served rather than themselves. Greg’s background in Information Systems and his passion for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) further fueled their vision. As a result, quickly became one of the most visited websites along the Front Range for property buyers. 

“Our journey with has allowed us to work with a diverse range of clients, from C-Suite executives to government officials, first responders, teachers and many more,” said Greg Smith. “This breadth of experience has given us valuable insights and expertise, showing us that all our clients share common desires: honesty, follow-up, area expertise and knowing that we genuinely care about their needs.” 

Smith continued, “Thanks to our 25-year commitment to SEO and SEM, the reach of has expanded to cover the entire front range, allowing us to cater to clients from Fort Collins to Castle Rock. While our foresight led us to choose the name “BoulderHomeSource,” we now have a presence that extends far beyond Boulder.” 

BoulderHomeSource is located at 1911 11th St. in Boulder.

BoulderHomeSource is located at 1911 11th St. in Boulder. (Photo courtesy: BoulderHomeSource)

As the BHS team continued to grow, it recognized the need to prioritize service by integrating a best-in-class technology suite and utilizing the top-level tools offered by RE/MAX Alliance. With its support, marketing and concierge teams in place, BoulderHomeSource introduced a best-in-class contact relationship manager and engaged a top-notch website team. This shift allowed it to focus on serving its clients more effectively, without the late-night endeavors of Greg developing web pages and writing blogs across multiple websites. 

“As our reputation grew, new agents sought to join our team, and even agents from other companies began recommending us to their friends and family who were entering the real estate industry. BHS became known for its significant lead flow, first-class systems, and unparalleled training. Our organic growth has led to over 17 brokers now serving the Front Range, helping over 200 clients each year,” said Smith.

When asked what makes BHS special, Greg’s business partners, Joe Gibbs and McLean Smith, emphasized its commitment to helping its agents meet the unique needs of their clients. 

 “We are not about marketing one person.’ Instead, we focus on empowering each individual agent, such as Kevin Murray or Nicole Duke, so that they can provide great experiences to their clients. Our priority is our agents and their clients, with our teams’ name and branding serving to strengthen their brands. We function much like a high-end advertising agency specializing in real estate, promoting our team members and their expertise” said McLean Smith.

In the ever-evolving real estate landscape, many models have come and gone, but BHS has learned that the key to success still lies in putting in the extra effort and actively engaging in the local community. It supports the community through donations and volunteer work with organizations such as the Longmont Humane Society, Out Boulder, Children’s Hospital, youth sports, Chautauqua, University of Colorado, Continental Divide Trail Coalition, Open Studios Boulder and many other organizations that make Colorado a truly special place to call home. 

The BoulderHomeSource team at RE/MAX Alliance.

The BoulderHomeSource team at RE/MAX Alliance. (Photo courtesy: BoulderHomeSource)

What lies ahead for the BHS Team in 2024? After a discussion with its team members, the consensus is clear: the company is excited about the market ahead and look forward to helping our clients achieve their real estate goals. It believes that expertise and a strong work ethic will be the keys to success in 2024. Simply putting up a “For Sale” sign and waiting for the phone to ring is no longer a viable approach to selling a home.

“Clients need a true expert to guide them through each step, from preparing their home for sale to staging, marketing and navigating the contingencies that lie ahead while maximizing their investment,” Smith says. 

“For buyers, staying attuned to the market and leaving no stone unturned to help find the perfect home is essential. Watching the MLS is not enough; our BHS agents believe in networking with the agent community, canvassing neighborhoods, and leveraging our over 60,000 registered users on our website to ensure the best fit for our clients. 

Knowing the right questions to ask, exploring financing options, contingent offers, home warranties and more, is what sets us apart. BHS understands that having a realtor who knows the right questions to ask can be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful transaction. In 2024, we are committed to delivering the highest level of service and expertise to our clients, ensuring they achieve their real estate goals,” Smith said.

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