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Ralph Muhlenbruck (left) and Jim Stoner (right).

LOVELAND – In the 17 years it has served the local community, Loveland Roofing, LLC, has earned the loyalty of many happy customers.Jane Elijah is one of them.

A few years ago, Elijah called Loveland Roofing about a few shingles that had come loose on her roof. Jim Stoner, the company’s owner, sent someone out to fix it.

“I was waiting for the bill and I called and he said there wasn’t a charge,” Elijah remembers. “A year later, some other shingles came off. He sent a man and they put a couple of shingles back on for no charge. I thought it was wonderful.”

Elijah says her experience with Jim Stoner and his business was professional, fair, and comfortable.

“They were prompt,”Elijah says. “They came when they said they were going to come and they did what they said they were going to do. He didn’t try to rob me or sell me a new roof. He’s not a high-pressure business man, but he sure does good work.”

Elijah was so pleased that she eventually hired Loveland Roofing to replace roofs on two of her properties. Both times, she marveled at how efficiently Stoner and his team cleaned up after the job was finished.

“The clean up was spectacular,” she says. “I maybe found one nail in a crack in the sidewalk. I was very pleased.”

Stoner says it’s impressed customers like Elijah that have helped him build his business.

“We have a great reputation,” he says. “Our reputation gets us as much business as anything else.”

Stoner says that reputation is largely based on the experience he and his team bring to every roofing job.

“I worked for other companies for many years,” he says. “I found a lot of the faults in the business and I have gained from that. I thought I could do a better job by opening my own. What I have learned from other companies, I put it into my own company and excel with it and better it in my way. Experience is a lot in business.”

Stoner isn’t the only one at Loveland Roofing with experience. He makes a point to reduce turnover in his crew, many of whom have worked for him since he started the company. In 2006, Stoner added an estimator to his team: Ralph Muhlenbruck.

Muhlenbruck brought his own wealth of experience to Loveland Roofing, specifically as an insurance adjustor. As a representative of National Catastrophe Adjusters in Indiana, he traveled all across the Midwest to process insurance claims for property damage from wind, hail and storms.

Muhlenbruck’s experience combined with Stoner’s make for an unstoppable team when it comes to helping you process insurance claims on home damage.

“These insurance claims that come in are really complicated for the homeowner and we can really help them on that,” Stoner says. “With a lot of plans, it’s hard to understand what the coverage is. People get a quote and they are lost right away. We try to help them and walk them through their insurance claim.”

If your roof has suffered damage, or you think it might be time for a new one, Loveland Roofing will provide you with a free estimate. And if it’s necessary, Muhlenbruck and Stoner will handle all insurance negotiations on your behalf. The best part? They’ll do all of it for a fair price.

“We’re not trying to over-price anybody,” he says. “If we see someone has problems financially, we’ll go in and try to help them. Period. We give them a break every time.”

Loveland Roofing cares about the health of your roof—they want it to last. Stoner says the average life expectancy of a roof is 20 years, but homeowners have to be proactive in helping their roof reach that birthday.

“Tree limbs will damage roofs faster than anything,” he says.

Stoner encourages homeowners to trim back trees and limbs that are growing on or near the roof. Also, keeping gutters clean can help protect your roof: a clogged gutter can trap water under shingles and cause damage. Stoner also warns against home-insulation DIYers.

“People come in and they add insulation to their roofs and attics and they plug up their ventilation,” he says. “If you don’t have air circulation, that will give dry rot to the roof right away.”

But sometimes, even if you do everything right, you’ll be thwarted by Colorado’s wind, snow, and hail. If and when that happens, it’s time to call up Stoner and his team.

When you use Loveland Roofing, not only are you getting the best deal from honest people, but you’re also support a tried-and-true local business. Stoner, who has lived in the area for almost 40 years, is passionate about the Loveland community.

“I like everything about this area,” he says. “I like the people, the temperatures, the change of seasons. It’s just an enjoyable place to live.”

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By Emma Castleberry, At Home.