wee-cottage, Lakes at Centerra, Loveland, Boulder Creek Neighborhoods“In the 1950’s, the average new home was around 900 square feet.”

That’s David Gregg, architect and co-founder of Boulder Creek Neighborhoods. If you’re familiar with the local housing market, you’re no doubt also familiar with Boulder Creek. One of Colorado’s top home builders, Boulder Creek Neighborhoods is well known for high quality, low-maintenance homes built to enhance lifestyle.

Gregg goes on to explain that over the last 60 years, Americans have slowly but surely moved toward larger and larger homes. Today, the average new home is closer to 2,400 square feet, he said. That’s more than two and a half times bigger.

There are a lot of reasons for the shift. Gregg touched on a few, including the desire to view a home purchase as an investment combined with the common belief that it’s always best to buy as much square footage as you can afford.

This trend, however, has made it increasingly difficult for buyers to make a home purchase. Because both square footage and prices have risen, the cost of becoming a homeowner now requires many to devote an overwhelming amount of their income to their mortgage payment and basic home maintenance.

wee-cottage-boulder-creek-neighborhoods-4“It didn’t sit well with me,” Gregg said. What’s more, there’s a growing number of home buyers who agree. “People are rethinking what has been the norm for 30 years,” he explained. Which is why Gregg and his team got to work on a brand new home series for Boulder Creek.

It’s called the wee-Cottage®, and it comes in two variations: a single story ranch style with a 2 car garage, and a two story layout with a single car garage. Square footage will range from 896-1,155 square feet with prices starting in the mid to high $200’s. Boulder Creek plans to build 19 wee-Cottages at The Lakes at Centerra in Loveland, making both the homes and the location ideal for those seeking a truly efficient lifestyle. With only 19 homes however, these homes are a limited opportunity for a chance of pace.

Gregg emphasized that these are not “tiny houses” like you may have seen featured online and on various TV shows. The goal wasn’t to build a house that’s as small as possible, but to create something more along the lines of what people truly need.

“We wanted something that’s a home, not a gimmick,” Gregg said. To accomplish that, he literally started from scratch. “I sort of went back to the beginning of the design process and started questioning everything.” The result is two home designs that are both efficient and comfortable – enough space for people in all stages of life. Couples, single professionals, and empty nesters will all feel at home in these low-maintenance cottages, and avoid the hefty price tag that comes with the vast majority of new homes.

But don’t make the mistake of assuming a lower price and a more efficient design means any corners will be cut when it comes to the construction of these homes. Boulder Creek has a strong reputation for high building standards, and the wee-Cottage will be no exception. Instead of stripping down building materials or finishes, Boulder Creek will build each wee-Cottage to a high level of craftsmanship with a focus on an abundance of energy efficient details. In short, the wee-Cottage will be less expensive, but certainly not cheap.

When asked who these homes will appeal to, Gregg said the target audience is surprisingly large. “What we’re finding is that a very broad demographic is intrigued by this kind of down-sizing idea.”

Buyers will have the rare opportunity to purchase a new home at a significantly lower price without having to sacrifice quality or location. Folks tired of the time required to maintain a larger home and yard will enjoy something more manageable. Active retirees will benefit from the convenience of Boulder Creek’s designs combined with a smaller mortgage, freeing up more funds to enjoy retirement. And environmentally conscious buyers can feel good about purchasing a home that requires fewer resources to build and maintain due to its energy efficiency.

In each of these cases, the real draw is the change in lifestyle.

All of Boulder Creek’s designs have been crafted to facilitate lifestyle enhancement, and the wee-Cottage is no different. Your home is a huge part of your day-to-day living. It should be a place that’s comfortable, functional, efficient, and convenient.

To that end, wee-Cottages will be low-maintenance homes, just like all the other Boulder Creek homes at Centerra and beyond. The maintenance service covers the majority of outdoor chores, including snow removal and lawn care, saving homeowners hours of time each week.

Lakes at Centerra, Loveland, COIt’s also well worth mentioning that the Lakes at Centerra is one of Loveland’s premier neighborhoods. The community features two lakes, a kayak dock, wetlands, and a network of nature trails great for walking, running, and cycling. There’s also a clubhouse, a community pool, and a large park right on the property. Additionally, all of the landscaping has been done in such a way as to bring out the natural beauty of the area, making it a truly scenic community.

Not only that, but the Promenade Shops at Centerra are close by, giving residents plenty of retail and dining options within minutes. And access to I-25 is quick and hassle-free, making trips to Boulder or Denver surprisingly easy.

With the introduction of the wee-Cottage, Boulder Creek adds yet another much needed option to the local market. There simply isn’t another low square footage new home alternative available. Whatever your reasons for preferring a smaller footprint, whether savings, convenience or the environment, Boulder Creek’s wee-Cottage design is the perfect size.
Or, as Gregg aptly put it, the wee-Cottage is “not too small, and not too big.”

If wee-Cottage sounds like something you would be interested in, the time to act is now. With prices starting in the mid to high $200s, these 19 home sites are sure to move quickly! Learn more or set an appointment by calling 720-506-2448 or visiting DwellCenterra.com.

By A Martin, At Home. Renderings/Photos by Boulder Creek Neighborhoods.