On Thursday May 12th 2016, over 100 REALTORS (members of the Boulder Area REALTOR Association) volunteered their time to do some much needed Yard-busting for BCCC (Boulder County Care Connect). All in all, 20 yards belonging to Senior Citizens in Boulder County were worked on. There was weeding. mowing, pruning, planting and general cleanup being done in an effort to help BCCC with their ever-growing list of Seniors who would like some help and BARAs effort to stay connected with our community and do some giving back. Years ago, the Boulder Area Realtor Association had an annual activity referred to as Project H.0.M.E. (Help Our Many Elderly) in which we did the exact same type of Spring Cleanup for Seniors. That program eventually lost steam and morphed into Project School, where we painted schools for about 6 years. When the recession hit in 2008, REALTORS were busy scrambling to stay afloat like millions of other people and some of that giving back fell by the way-side.  In 2013, my platform as BARAs then-President was to reinvigorate the volunteerism and connectedness between REALTORS and the Community, so we partnered up with BCCC to reconstitute Project Home. We had such a great time and a sense of accomplishment, fulfillment and personal reward, that there was a chorus of voices asking to make this an annual event, as it had been in the past. Working with BCCC made it easy as they already have the list     of vetted Seniors who need assistance; we just had to provide the muscle (and sweat). Our wonderful affiliate Partners stepped up again by providing lunch to the hungry crews as well. All in all, another successful year and we will plan it again for 2017
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