Home Decor Trends 2017

Often styled in groups or as part of smaller vignettes, beautiful handmade ceramics has been adding an organic edge to rooms everywhere. (Photo: Shutterstock).

Following trends can be dangerous in home decor, where rooms are designed to last decades, not months. But while we tread carefully when it comes to decorating with trends in our homes, we can’t deny the fact that it can sometimes be hard to resist the temptation of adding a handmade ceramic here or a hanging planter there, especially when that’s what we’re seeing across Instagram and magazines everywhere.

So what’s the secret to decorating with trends? For starters, smaller accents are much easier to infuse into a decor scheme if the rest of the space has a neutral base. As for the larger trends – like the ones that require painting a wall or gut-renovating a kitchen – here’s our advice: Mull it over for a few months, and see if you still like it. Or as Nate Berkus would advise, don’t use any materials you wouldn’t have seen in a 1920s home.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up the top 10 home decor trends of 2017 that are likely to stand the test of time. Agree or disagree? Tell us which of these you’d use in your own home.

Beige tones
We’ve called it on a couple of occasions over the past few months, but beige is decidedly on its way to becoming the new gray. Interior designers like Jeremiah Brent have jumped on the trend: creative, beautifully modern spaces in the color that was once synonymous with boring.

Tiled kitchen islands
This is a trend we definitely did not see coming, but it’s one we’re definitely on board with, not only for the look but also for the wallet. Tiled kitchen islands will never replace a chic waterfall marble countertop, but it’s cool and cutting-edge. We’re on board.

Monochrome spaces
Retire your brights. It’s all about monochrome spaces in 2017. Muted pastels are taking center stage, with people using the same colorway not only for their walls but also for their trim, ceiling and furniture, creating a beautifully unified look.

Hidden range hoods
This year may have been the year of statement range hoods, but many designers are taking a new “less is more” approach to the ever-evolving issue of unsightly range hoods – they’re simply building it behind a simple clean and modern gyprock case to give kitchens are more subdued style. Statement range hoods, on the other hand, are still very much en vogue.

New modern
In 2017, West Elm has spearheaded a mainstream revival of the new modern style, a clean, minimal aesthetic with curved lines, mixed materials and a whole lot of appeal. “We are entering a new era in design,” Johanna Uurasjarvi, creative director at West Elm, tells MyDomaine. “There is an exciting movement toward new, original forms, architectural and clean shapes with refined and thoughtful details.”

New traditional
On the other hand of the design spectrum, another style as old as time is resurfacing. First spotted on the runways in February, the traditional style has been making its way back into the modern decor vernacular, but in a new and unexpected way. Fringe trim, ginger jars and classic shapes are definitely back with a twist.

After the Marie Kondo frenzy caused an entire generation of decor lovers to throw out most of their belongings, homeowners are now jumping on a new lifestyle philosophy: the Scandinavian hygge movement. Its principle: to create a cozy home filled with soft textures and dim lighting – and to savor a slow way of living with family and friends.

Handmade pottery
Here’s another trend we didn’t necessarily see coming but that’s been popping up everywhere: handmade pottery. Often styled in groups or as part of smaller vignettes, beautiful handmade ceramics has been adding an organic edge to rooms everywhere. Stylist Emily Henderson is a fan – she uses handmade ceramics to style anything from bookcases to coffee tables and console tables.

Transparent furniture
Retailers like ABC Home and Urban Outfitters (among others) have alerted us to this trend: Transparent furniture is back. We’ve seen an array of transparent or colored glass tables pop up in interiors everywhere – and we’re on board with this fun, colorful trend. What’s more, it’s the perfect small-space hack since transparent tables blend in any tiny room without weighing it down or looking bulky.

“Greenery” was Pantone’s Color of the Year, so it’s no surprise it’s a big home decor trend in 2017. But people have taken the color green to a whole new level and even embraced using more plants in their homes. Specifically, hanging plants are this year’s comeback kid of the plant world.

By Kelsey Clark, Domaine (TNS). Get the latest on home decor trends, design ideas, shopping guides and food news, and take a look inside your favorite celebrity homes on DomaineHome.com.