Traditional style is a mainstay for a reason—it’s elegant, timeless and consistent, and it’s also simple to recreate. While most tend to think of interior spaces when traditional style is mentioned, it’s outdoor spaces that thrive just as much with classical influences. With sunny weather on the rise, it’s time to prep your outdoor area for al fresco entertainment.

An outdoor kitchen is not only a great way to entertain while relaxing outside, it’s a setup that can maximize your home with more open living space. Here are three ways you can create a timeless traditional outdoor kitchen using outdoor-graded accessories, lighting, patio furniture and more.

Traditional Finishes and Cabinetry
Traditional finishes can add just the right touch to an outdoor kitchen space. Brick and stone finishes are classic choices, perfect for everything from siding to backsplashes. They’re also a great visual contrast to industrial-looking grills or smokers. Durable and weather-resistant, stone and brick are great alternatives to cabinetry in outdoor kitchens, especially in areas that flank outdoor fireplaces, low walls or fencing.

Though not as common, outdoor cabinetry can also be used and is ideal for areas not as impacted by weather and under cover. Cabinetry is a fantastic way to bring in molding and detailed hardware for a timeless look. Traditional outdoor kitchens are also a great place to carry over existing architectural detail from your home. Whether it’s a pergola, stone pizza oven or decorative posts, just a few traditional elements can make all the difference in making your outdoor kitchen an extension of your classic home.

Outdoor Lighting
Let the party continue into the summer night with proper lighting in your traditional outdoor kitchen. Areas tucked under pergolas or awnings can take advantage of endless lighting opportunities. Sconces with ornate decoration or lantern-style details are great for illuminating counter space and flanking outdoor fireplaces.

A classic outdoor-rated chandelier is also a fantastic way to add traditional elements to your kitchen, and an easy way to tie in the style of your home. Is your home a time-honored Martha’s Vineyard beach home? A rope chandelier reminiscent of New England sailing times looks great above a communal table and rustic outdoor kitchen. Does your home have Colonial influences? A statuesque iron chandelier is an ideal choice.

While outdoor-rated chandeliers offer a grand statement above an outdoor kitchen, uncovered spaces don’t need to be left in the dark. Candlelit lanterns and stringed lights add a touch of romance perfect for late night soirees.

Patio Furniture and Accessories
What’s an outdoor kitchen without furniture and accessories? Seating, dining surfaces and accessories are key to getting your kitchen up and running just in time for the inaugural summer BBQ. While traditional-style finishes and lighting can go far at introducing the look, it’s furniture and accessories that can take it to a new level.

Classic seating like wicker or teak chairs or ornate metal chairs can instantly add a traditional feel. Don’t forget the upholstery: Upholstered cushions and pillows in classic stripes, fun filigree or serene neutral add pattern and a pop of color. A planter or two with topiary or festive flowers can also round out the space with more greenery. Above all, the beauty of outdoor kitchens is their ability to add more entertaining space to your home, so don’t let the elements distract you from having fun with accessories that make it feel like a continuation of your home!

How will you be decorating your traditional outdoor kitchen?

By Kerrie Kelly. Sacramento interior designer Kerrie Kelly writes for The Home Depot about creating beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces. She provides inspiration and tips on everything from how to add color to your space to how to create an outdoor kitchen.