Small upgrades can make a big impact when it comes to home improvement. (Photo: Dreamstime/TNS).

Everyone deserves to love their home. But if you’ve lived in the same spot for several years, or if the space simply feels stale, it can be difficult to feel as excited about it as when you first moved in. Sometimes, all your home needs is a little TLC to rekindle the flame. Here, we’ve compiled a few upgrades to help you fall in love with your space again.

Get organized
It’s not easy to love your home when it’s cluttered and messy, so take an afternoon to tidy things up! Return misplaced items to their proper storage areas and organize things by color, size or purpose. If you’re lacking in storage, now may be a good time to invest in a new system, like an extra set of shelves, bins or even an extra hall closet. If the job seems overwhelming, consider hiring a professional organizer for help.

Change up the paint
If your walls haven’t changed color since the day you moved in, a fresh coat of paint will easily breathe new life into your space. Opt for a trendy shade like Pantone’s Color of the Year, Classic Blue. Or, tone things down with a safe, calming, multifunctional hue like greige. Something as simple as switching from a matte to a glossy paint finish can make a huge difference.

Tip: If you want to change up the hues of your home without committing to a new paint job, try investing in pillows, rugs and blankets. New patterns and shades can completely change the feeling of a room.

Update the kitchen
If the kitchen is the heart of your home, show it some love by giving it a quick remodel without breaking the bank. Try installing granite countertop overlays on your existing counters to give them a quick (and affordable) facelift. Also, consider painting your cabinets for a big-impact update with a lower price tag than a full cabinet replacement. Other ideas include switching out old finishes and cabinet pulls for new, trendy options and adding a new backsplash.

Warm things up
Nothing will warm your heart faster than a few luxurious heating improvements. Whether you add heated towel racks to the bathroom, heated floors in the living room or warming lamps on the patio – these pockets of comfort will make you home feel cozier than ever. And if you don’t have one already, consider installing a fireplace. Not only will it create an enjoyable hearth in your space, but it’s also known to pay off at resale.

Treat yourself
Have you been putting off a dream upgrade? If you want to love your home again, now may be the time to make it happen. Design a luxurious bathroom space with spa-like enhancements including a clawfoot tub and rainfall showerhead. Or, create a reading nook and hobby corner so you have designated spaces for the things you enjoy. Something as simple as adding a walk-in closet can make your space more functional and satisfying than ever before.

By Jenna Schuster, Angie’s List. Jenna Schuster is a reporter for Angie’s List, a trusted provider of local consumer reviews and an online marketplace of services from top-rated providers. Visit