When the warm weather returns, folks tend to think of one place: the beach. That didn’t slip the minds of designers, who drew endless inspiration from the beach and all that goes with it – from shady umbrellas to coastal awnings in big, bold stripes that scream, “Fun in the sun.” It all conjures visions of a laid-back stroll in the sand, grabbing a bite to eat at a beachside spot adorned in navy and white or tossing a beach ball with friends.

By Jessi Roti, Chicago Tribune (TNS)

Kate Spade Striped Rug

This striped rug from Kate Spade blends the feel of both a natural textile and a graphic bold stripe, $400. katespade.com. (Photo: Kate Spade)

Jaxx Casual Living indoor/outdoor bean bag chair

Jaxx Casual Living indoor/outdoor bean bag chair is perfect for soaking up the sun by the pool or all-night Netflix binge watching. $170, houzz.com. (Photo: Houzz)

Kate Spade's bright striped bath towels

Kate Spade’s bright striped bath towels have beach house style, $20. katespade.com (Photo: Kate Spade)

Striped Pet TeePee

Pets can get in on your new home design, too! This striped pet teepee can easily transition from indoors to outdoors while giving your pet their own little hideaway in the sun, $60. (Photo: Houzz)