Dahl Decor

Customers get a hands-on experience, as well as advice from professionals, at the Dahl Decor showroom in Loveland.

Dahl Decor

Fixtures are displayed alongside decor items to give customers an idea of a complete look for their projects

LOVELAND – Dahl Decor, northern Colorado’s boutique kitchen and bath showroom, has been a part of the Loveland community for 12 years. The company’s motto—“expert knowledge, quality products, and first class service” – is a testament to the quality one can expect in their expansive, 2,500-square-foot showroom. While nothing is changing in regards to the quality of products and service at Dahl, the company has expanded their inventory to include home decor and accessories.

“Our main focus since we started has been plumbing: tubs, faucets, sinks, vanities, toilets and bath accessories,” says Stephani Raabe, showroom manager at Dahl Decor. “We recently started offering home decor last fall. I wanted to be able to have a whole look for the client to purchase, rather than just plumbing items. While plumbing is fairly permanent, decor items bring life to any space and they are fun to change around as the years go by.”

While Dahl sells plumbing products wholesale to plumbers, designers and builders, the showroom is open to the public. Shoppers can now find pillows, mirrors, art, dishes and glassware, vases, and a variety of other decorative home accessories to both complement and complete their home design. “In both plumbing and decor, we have all price ranges for any budget,” says Raabe.

The Dahl Decor showroom provides its clients with an invaluable opportunity to experience plumbing fixtures first-hand. “It makes such a difference to experience these products in person rather than seeing them online,” says Raabe. “You can see the details and true finishes as well as feel the quality.” The showroom not only allows decorators to make a more informed decision about their design plan, but it can also stimulate decorative creativity and act as a catalyst for new design plans. “We have many suites in the showroom so our clients can get a full vision and pull ideas from what they see in our store,” says Raabe. “The showroom is designed to inspire. Seeing designs in person makes such a difference when making decisions for your project.”

When a client enters Dahl Decor, they can benefit from 33 collective years of experience in the industry between Raabe and store manager Jeremy Cardwell. “We pride ourselves in customer service and are eager to help with any size project,” Raabe says. “We believe that we showcase the best products available. There are many brands and products on the market, so it can be overwhelming, but we stand behind our product. The quality is a must if it’s sold out of our store.”

Showroom consultations, available by appointment, are an efficient and informative way to experience all that Dahl has to offer. “We review the floor plans with the client, talk about budget and start picking material for their space,” says Raabe. “Plumbing is one of the first items to get installed during a new build or remodel, so a showroom consultation is a great place to start. We recommend these free consultations because they allow us to dedicate time to the client’s project while they’re visiting the showroom.”

Dahl Decor is located at 2105 E. 11th Street, #100, in Loveland. The showroom is open Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and on Fridays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

If you’re considering a spring decorating project, you’re in luck. For the month of April, Dahl Decor is running a special on all home decor items: buy one item and get one of equal or lesser value for 50 percent off. Visit Dahl Decor’s newly designed website at shopatdahl.com, where customers can create a wish list, see pictures of the showroom and browse through clearance items.

By Emma Castleberry, At Home. Photos by Jonathan Castner

Dahl Decor

Viewing designs in real-world applications provides inspiration for updates and remodels.