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When it comes to decorating your sofa space, nothing is more dramatic and classic than a gallery wall. (Photo: Shutterstock)

You’ve just updated your living room with a gorgeous new sofa, and now you want to put the finishing touches on the look. If you have a knack for style (and craftiness!), you can be your own interior designer and decorate your space with beautiful DIY pieces. Whether it’s a gallery wall hanging above the sofa, a customized shelving unit or a beautiful rug, you can easily create a complete and professional look yourself. Here are some of our favorite DIY decor ideas to give your living space a boost of style and design.

One-of-a-kind plant stand
House plants are trending in home decor right now – and for a good reason. They’re aesthetically pleasing and add a clean, fresh touch that easily brightens up any space. They also look especially vibrant and stylish when placed next to your couch.

Looking for a one-of-a-kind way to display your greenery? Try making a plant stand with your own twist. Start with a metal plant stand and supplies to make it your own – spray paint, rope or stencils – look at your surrounding furnishings and choose something that complements your style. Here are some ideas:

Give the plant stand a pop of color, you can simply use spray paint to customize your stand in the color of your choice – shiny copper, minimalist white, vibrant blue or something altogether different.

Add a contemporary look to the plant stand by wrapping rope around the top (use a hot glue gun).

For a rustic look, use a wooden step ladder instead of a metal stand. Stain or distress the wood to match your taste.

Once you’ve finished adding your touches, place your favorite potted flowers, air plants, succulents or other foliage in the stand. The end result? A plant display that’s low on cost but high on glamour.

And if you choose to show off your DIY plant stand in your outdoor space, plants like Japanese Yew, Winter Gem Boxwood, and Ligustrum will fare well in the Colorado climate.

Gallery wall
When it comes to decorating your sofa space, nothing is more dramatic and classic than a gallery wall. A gallery wall can consist of framed photos, artwork, mirrors and anything else that highlights your home’s personality. Place the items in a perfectly symmetrical design or with varying heights and dimensions. It can instantly transform the look and feel of your living room.

Before you hang up your photos and art, sketch out how you’d like it to look. You can even use kraft paper: Cut out frame shapes and hang them with masking tape as a trial run before you hammer the first nail into the wall.

Need inspiration for your display? Mix and match oversized prints with small and medium-sized frames. Or, choose frames of the same size and arrange them in a geometric grid – the options for your gallery wall are endless! For that extra touch, give attention to what you place in the frames as well: Use all black and white photos for a sophisticated look, or sprinkle in pops of color with your favorite pieces of artwork for an eclectic vibe.

Mounted shelving unit
Sometimes decor can be just as functional as it is beautiful. Case in point? A mounted shelving unit. These shelves are customizable to the needs of your space – perfect for those who have plenty of room, as well as those who have uniquely-shaped spaces that may not fit a standard set of shelves.

To create your shelving unit, you’ll need twin track uprights, brackets and wood boards (cut to the dimensions you need). You can keep the wood boards as-is for a more natural look, or you can stain or paint them a color that complements your existing furniture and decor. Hang the twin tracks in whatever design you’d like, mounting your brackets and placing wood boards atop them (use a level to help you!). Add special trinkets from your travels, small photo frames and tiny potted plants (in addition to books, of course) to customize your one-of-a-kind storage solution.

Overdyed rug
When it comes to decorating your living area, nothing looks more thoughtful and cohesive than a stylish rug layered underneath the sofa. Sometimes finding a rug that has that extra pop of color and style can be difficult, though. The solution? Make it yourself! That’s right – you can actually make an overdyed rug in the color – or colors – of your choosing.

Start with a freshly vacuumed faded or light-colored rug. (The rug can have a pattern – the dye will brighten the background color of the rug, while keeping the pattern visible). Then, select a dye appropriate for your rug type. Follow dying instructions and rinse the rug thoroughly. Finally, spray the rug with Scotchgard to keep the colors intact. Tip: Use a rug mat to prevent any color bleeding.

Once you’re done, you’ll have a brightly colored rug that’s high on design – and one that matches your existing furniture and decor perfectly.

Floor pouf
Sometimes you need to add extra seating to your living space, but you don’t want to introduce another chair or ottoman. Enter poufs. These small floor pillows are great as impromptu seats for guests (or pets!), and they can double as footrests.

Luckily, making your own floor pouf is easy. To start, you’ll need inexpensive rag rugs, stuffing, a large needle and thread. Next, lay out the rag rugs so they are overlapping one another. Fold the rug pieces into the shape of a cube, then start sewing, adding the stuffing in at the end. You’ll have a customized pouf in no time – and at a lower price point than buying one in stores.

Now that you have a wide variety of DIY ideas at hand, consider how they all fit within your specific living room layout. If you’re living in a smaller apartment, you may not have room for both poufs and plant stands. Whatever DIY projects you decide on, choose the pieces that best fit your room’s layout, your everyday needs and your style. Then, sit back on your new sofa, and enjoy your one-of-a-kind creations.

By Sara Marie Hall. Sara Marie Hall writes about furniture and housewares on behalf of Crate and Barrel. She graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Currently a resident of New York City, Sara spends her free time exploring the city with her Shih Tzu, Kanye.