Patterned wood floors, borders and in-lays can reinforce your favorite design aesthetics and make a house a home.

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind hardwood accent to make your living, dining or hallway space more memorable? Ever considered embedding historical references or family history into your hardwoods? Patterned wood floors, borders and in-lays can reinforce your favorite design aesthetics and make a house a home. We reached out to local expert Meyer Skidmore & Company to get top pattern picks and tips to incorporate into your most intimate spaces.

One of the best ways to spice up a room is to install a bold herringbone or chevron pattern. This high-end look can make any room feel extra special while giving it a more modern, updated feel. For example, to further separate the open living room space from the bedrooms, Meyer Skidmore & Company recently installed hardwood in a herringbone pattern down a long hallway. “This open-concept home needed to add that little something extra to enrich the floor plan and this effect worked wonders,” says Abbey Van Horn of Meyer Skidmore, a women-owned business that has been operating in Boulder County for over four decades. “It turned out absolutely stunning — one of my personal favorites!”

A second classy idea is creating a custom border around a room in either a different yet complementary wood type or stain to change up the color. You can design a pattern by using several different wood types like walnut or cherry hardwood. “This will create a beautiful accent while adding a unique flair to any desired space,” says Van Horn. From a diamond to a circular design, custom borders come in many shapes and sizes to work for any space, and manufacturers can craft custom borders with a wide variety of different wood types and designs. “Borders are a simple accent that can truly make your home your own,” says Van Horn.

A custom laser-cut in-lay with your family name or initials in the entry is another clever way to add personality to any entrance. In this case, Meyer Skidmore cuts the custom design into existing flooring to ensure a smooth transition. “It’s like it’s been there the whole time!” says Van Horn. “There are so many ways to make your home unforgettable. The possibilities are endless.”

Classic color
If you’re not ready to try a pattern, custom border or in-lay, a classic installation will never go out of style. “While light colors are still trending, we are seeing some warm brown tones coming back,” says Van Horn. A warm brown stain applied to floors can transform a home into an elegant and cozy space. “We are starting to understand the appeal of the warm tones popular a decade or more ago,” says Van Horn. “It looks so lovely with light-colored walls, too.”

By Julie Kailus, At Home Colorado