Avocado toast, houseplants, memes – the list of millennial favorites goes on. But what do they look for in a home? Couples between the ages of 22 and 38 represent the largest group of homebuyers in the country.

Millennials are settling down, having kids, and looking for the American dream, but their dreams aren’t the same as their parents’.

Here are the home features millennials love in Colorado:



This young demographic is one of the most environmentally conscious. And their preference for Earth-friendly options is on full display in their homes.

More than half of the millennials polled want solar panels on their roofs. Energy-efficient construction and appliances and recycled building materials are must-haves. Climate control systems are huge perks.

Minimalist Spaces

Less interested in a home’s square footage than efficiency and open, airy spaces, millennials are drawn to clean lines.

Neutral tones and whisper-pale pinks are more attractive to this demographic than bold accent walls or busy wallpaper patterns.

Now that so many of us are spending more time at home working, the notion of peaceful, uncluttered spaces has caught on with homeowners of all generations. Finally, something we can all agree on!

Open Floor Plans


Millennials are a generation known for breaking down walls. We’re talking about interior, non load-bearing walls.

Sun-drenched, loft-style interiors with high ceilings and gallery-white interiors speak to the aesthetic of this generation. Open floor plans give a sense of expansiveness to the smaller homes popular with millennials. Open spaces also offer plenty of opportunity for displaying art and design features.

Matte and Monochromatic Details

White subway tiles, farmhouse porcelain sinks, and matte black bronze fittings are trending. Shiny chrome faucets and hardware are out, and brushed metal is in.

The low-key sophistication of these finishes gives them timeless appeal. It also minimizes the appearance of grease and dirt, making them lower maintenance than their shiny counterparts.

Outdoor Space


The majority of millennials say outdoor space is a priority, with decks, porches, and patios ranking high on their wish list. Outdoor kitchens with sinks, refrigerators, cooktops, and grills are some of the most coveted features these buyers want.

Outdoor space includes green (as in gardening) space. Flower beds and vertical gardening are popular, even in the colder months. You’ll see plenty of millennials decorating their great outdoors with colorful, cold-hardy plants.

Putting a border around those flower beds is essential because 73% of millennials own at least one pet. That’s why many millennials are looking for a home with enough yard space for Fido to enjoy. A fence is another must-have.

Smart Home/Home Automation

Tech-savvy millennials are willing to pay more for smart homes. Along with super-fast internet, they want automated lighting controls, digital surveillance, smart locks, and smart thermostats.

Bonus points for smart landscapes with automated, water-saving irrigation and energy-efficient outdoor lighting.

Dedicated-Purpose Rooms

A home office is no longer a luxury. But along with the private workroom, millennials are looking for a separate workout room. This is more of a time-saver for the busy person who doesn’t have time to go to the gym.

Separate laundry rooms, media rooms, and game rooms are also big perks.

Bigger Wish Lists, Smaller Homes

The wish list is bigger, but the homes millennial buyers are looking for are getting smaller. Less interested in fixer-uppers, this is a demographic that is willing to pay more for a home that is ready to work, play, and entertain in.

But since they don’t collect the cookware, china, and knick-knacks their parents enjoyed, they don’t need nearly as much space.

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